One of my favorite days of the year is when the Oscar nominations come out. I get to see if the movies and performances I loved from the past year get their tickets punched for a seat at the Kodak Theatre on February 26th. The Artist like everyone imagined grabbed 10 nominations but Hugo surprised many and grabbed the most at 11. Here are some other surprises and things we, or at least me saw coming a mile away.

the artist My Oscar Reaction

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I Told You So!

I wrote back on this blog last summer that Melissa McCarthy would sneak in and earn a nomination for her breakout role in Bridesmaids so score one for me.  She was the best part of the funniest movie of the last year.  Unfortunately I also predicted that there would be no way Bridesmaids the movie would grab a best picture nomination.  There were just too many good films to choose from and it would be hard for the film to find a place on the list but there is a silver lining.  The film was nominated for best original screenplay so Kristen Wiig will have her chance at an Oscar for writing.


I think some people will be surprised that Nick Nolte earned a nomination for the highly underrated Warrior. He gives a great performance as the ex-drunk militant sports dad that some critics from the Hollywood Foreign Press chose to ignore like Melissa McCarthy but the Academy showed them some love. I was also surprised that David Fincher missed out for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The Academy had nominated Fincher the past few years but this year passed on the director and thought the performance of Rooney Mara is what made the film.

Wait, What?

Three nominations for Transformers:  Dark of the Moon. That’s right 3. Now I know they were in the technical categories like sound and effects but it has just as many nominations as Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. I know the movie is visually stunning and so loud it will blow your eardrums out but seriously that movie was terrible. Also The Tree of Life getting nominated for best picture confuses me like the plot of that movie. Does anyone really understand what that movie was about?

As for the show itself the producers have to be worried. After last year’s debacle the Academy went to old reliable and got Billy Crystal to come back to host the show after Eddie Murphy dropped out. I think Crystal is a safe choice though I would have loved to see what Eddie had planned. Now the producers are looking at a very good chance in many of their major categories, a winner may get up on stage and not speak a lick of English. Nothing brings a show to screeching halt as when a person gets up on stage, you don’t who they are, they pull out a list, and start speaking french. You already saw this happen at the globes when The Artist started snatching up globes. People want to see Cuba jumping up in the air and Jack Palance doing one arm push ups. They don’t want to see some poor nervous guy pull out a list and try to read another language from a piece of paper. I’m not saying these nominees from The Artist don’t deserve to be there because they do but for entertainment value for the people watching at home it’s tough. Let’s face it, the show usually comes to screeching halt when the winner of the best foreign film takes the podium. Now imagine that at the end of the night in all the major categories. It’s been a tough road for the Oscars so far and this may not help the situation and the show hasn’t even gotten here yet.


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