Couch Potato Commentater Movie ReviewBy T.M. Powell

Over the past few years starting with the surprise hit Taken, Liam Neeson has become king of the box-office for what I refer to as the ‘dead zone’ for movies.  This is usually the dumping ground for studios that have long-delayed (Red Tails) or troubled projects (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance). That’s why it’s been so refreshing to see Liam Neeson who is a great actor take over the action scene during this slow time of year while we await the summer blockbusters.

Going into this movie I was expecting to watch Liam Neeson punch some wolves in the face, but what I got was something totally different. A well done, dramatic character study with some white-knuckle tension spread throughout. Only an actor of Neeson’s talents could pull off this role. The movie revolves around a group of down-and-dirty Alaskan oil workers headed home after their job has finished. Like you see in the previews the plane goes down and the survivors must band together to survive their injuries, the elements, and a pack of wolves, yes I said a pack of wolves, who are hunting them down. Although this movie is much more than a ‘we have to get home to our families’ film. It’s a deep character study about facing your fears and how people react to being exposed to the elements and each other.

I’ve gone on record stating that I’m not a big fan of nature. Seriously, I don’t like camping, sleeping on the ground, or having to hunt for food. I like being able to go home at night, take a shower, and sleep in my own bed. So, in my opinion the elements are the real villain in this film, not the wolves. There were scenes that made my knees hurt, my stomach turn, and left me gasping for air. Not one of those scenes I’m referring to had anything to do with the wolves that are hunting them down. Now I will say that without getting to spoiler-ish I think the ending will polarize a lot of audience members, no pun intended. There will be some fans that will be turned off by the ending, but fans like myself that see this movie for what it is.. a character study about a man facing his fears with an outcome that is not always warm and fuzzy, then trust me when I say this film is definitely worth watching.  I recommend that you go see this movie so you can form your own opinion about the film whether it’s positive or negative. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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