By T.M. Powell

After last night’s crop of commercials I think it’s safe to say that the fad of groundbreaking and funny commercials during the big game may be dead for now. Commercials from Apple, the WWE, Pepsi, and  set the standards for making a buzz worthy commercial. Now they have been replaced by lame GO DADDY commercials, bad movie trailers,  and John Stamos eating yogurt. The creativity and humor were at a minimum this year but there were a few bright spots. Check out my list of the best, but mostly bad spots of the night.



I’m definitely on the band wagon with this one. What a fantastic commercial that sums up the bleak times that we are living in but also gives us hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. Some may think it was a little sappy or a downer for such a fun night but the truth hurts America and there is no better time to say it when you know everyone is watching and listening. I’m sure Clint had people updating their resumes during the start of the 3rd quarter.

-The Avengers Movie Trailer

Most of the movie trailers were underwhelming but this one made my list. Marvel unveiled there second trailer for their epic super hero team up The Avengers. This time around we see a bit more of the Hulk in action as well as some Tony Stark and Loki interaction. But the pay off shot was when of all the Avengers circled up ready to defend earth. I still can’t believe this movie even got made. Hollywood has never seen a crossover event like this ever and I for one cannot wait.

-Doritos:  Man’s Best Friend

There are a lot of things we do for our friends that we don’t particularly like.  We lie for them, we cover for them, and we hide the unfortunate disagreement between them and the neighbors cat.  Wait, what?  I’m not a cat person so I thought Doritos had one of the funniest, simple, and sickest ads of the night. I mean who wouldn’t cover for their best furry friend. I would cover for my dog Hudson for a lot less than a bag of Doritos. Kudos to Doritos for being consistently funny with their ads over the past few years.


-Honda CR-V: Matthew’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was a movie I grew up on so when I heard that Honda would be making a commercial based on the film I was very excited.  Oh how bad I felt after viewing the spot.  Lets run down the list of all the problems with this spot. First off none of the other costars appeared, no Chicago, and he was driving a CR-V.  He had a Ferrari in the original and in this one he has a Honda. I don’t think you have to worry about rolling the mileage back this time around because it’s a Honda and no one cares. This commercial missed the mark on capturing the nostalgia because they made it about Matthew and not about Ferris.

-Audi:  Vampire Party

Attention Audi marketing department. Vampires are yesterday’s news. After this last silly Twilight movie comes out this year that will be it for vampires in pop culture for a while. Except for The Vampire Diaries that airs on CW44 on Thursdays at 8pm, those dudes are cool. But, if you wanted to do something everyone is into right now think zombies not vamps. Also why would a vampire drive a car with LED headlights that could kill you.  It makes no sense. Speaking of the those headlights… way to rub in all these people faces about how fancy your headlights are when the economy is in the crapper. Weren’t you listening to what Clint Eastwood had to say..?

-TaxACT:  Free to Pee

Peeing in the pool is disgusting, enough said.

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