Blake Lively is the girl who seems to have it all. She’s got those long legs, that flowing blonde hair and those big juicy lips. Her life has become the new American dream for many women. Men want to be with her, women want to be her and Christian Louboutin wants to adorn her feet.

Yes, that’s right, the gorgeous, red-soled, little gems we all crave are begging to be worn by Gossip Girl’s Lively. The actress recently received the entire spring collection (A WHOLE FRICKEN COLLECTION) of Louboutins as a gift from Christian Louboutin himself.

The girl that has it all just got a little more. Don’t get me wrong, Lively is a wonderful actress and obviously beautiful, but really? Does she really need an entire collection of shoes just at her feet?

We all love Lively and are happy for her new found success, but I wanna know what you think. This is a tend in the world of the rich and famous. Gifts are doted upon these individuals without regard for the fact that… they have money!

So, does a celebrity, a woman with money and stunning looks, deserve a FREE closet of Louboutins, shoes most of us will never even see, let alone own? Or, is this gift deserved? After all, she is an icon in the style industry, and who better to sport the new collection than someone already idolized for her fashion sense.

Tell me where you stand on this critical issue and look for those red-soles on Gossip Girl Monday nights at 8pm.


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  1. Marco says:

    AND .they’re something blue for a tad bit of tiirdtaon. I’ve been eyeing these for quite some time and think it would be totally cool to splurge on a pair for my wedding day. Then, I would only pull them out to wear them on my anniversary every year when we go out to celebrate. Now if only I could find the guy ..hmmmmm lol


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