Who isn’t falling for the gorgeous Nina Dobrev of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries?

Everyone is clawing at the chance to get this brown-eyed beauty to grace their magazine covers or their TV show sets. But some are asking for a little too much (or too little) from Dobrev.

Dobrev recently posed for the cover of Entertainment Weekly exuding a whole lot of sex, and not a whole lot of clothing. The cover is sexy but tasteful, and shows off the actress’ body (which we never get enough of on The Vampire Diaries). But this cover was nothing compared to some of the proposition Dobrev has faced in the past. It seems like everyone wants to get her… naked!

A much younger Dobrev was asked to bare all in the hit HBO series Boardwalk Empire. She turned the role down because of the nudity. Dobrev was quoted on E! Online saying, “…I was really young at the time. I’d just finished Degrassi, and I wasn’t ready for it. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, and I think if you’re immersed in a role and if it’s appropriate for the role, I say go for it.” You go girl!

At the time, she wasn’t ready. But that Entertainment Weekly cover suggests that Dobrev has matured. Who knows what lies in the starlets’ future.

ew vd cast cover 021012 Nina Dobrev Bares All

Read more about Nina and her co-stars from The Vampire Diaries.


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