The Oscars had a musty air of predictability this year. Billy Crystal is dated, Meryl Streep seems to win everything and we are all well aware that J-Lo has a rather large rear end. But thankfully, there were a few unexpected guests attending the Oscars last night that I am just dying to talk about.

Let’s begin with J-Lo and one of her less discussed body parts, her boob. Now, there is talk around the streets that she may have shown us a little something when she hit the stage last night.  I have reviewed the tapes and I have found no foul play on behalf of Lopez. I chalk it up to weird camera angles and viewers who are always begging for another nip-slip.

Our next guest is the talk of the town today. Her name is Angelina Jolie’s Leg. She made her debut last night when the actress step on stage to present the award for Best Adapted Screen Play. Within minutes, Ms. Leg was all over the Internet. The gorgeous gam even has her very own Twitter page. Today, she tweets, “Great meeting most of you for the first time last night at the Oscars!!” What a night for that leg!

Let’s discuss our final guest of the evening. At first glance, I thought a bird had landed on the red carpet. After filing through the feathers, I learned that Kristen Wiig was just disguised as a bird in her fluffy, beige gown. There were numerous fashion fowls at the Oscars, but this chick was my vote for worst dressed.

Although it was not my favorite Oscar year, our favorite stars did manage to keep us wanting more. I wonder what body parts will make an appearance next year…

  1. Sewenzy says:

    Okay, now that I watched the lvoely show My favorite part was the folks who won the award she was presenting and the one guy who was imitating her. Also, huge slits and the stick-your-leg-out-syndrome seem to abound on red carpet events lately. Drives me bonkers. I know there’s a slit there. We see it when you walk. STOP STICKING YOUR LEG OUT LIKE A CRAZY PERSON! As for Angie she looked happy for once and that brought this whole look up 1000 notches.


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