I was lucky enough to attend the EV International Expo at the A La Carte Event Pavilion and be part of the electricity in the room. The Expo provided the perfect opportunity to learn base information about the electrical movement (electric cars that is) and gave a little something extra for the car buff deep down in all of us. There was a mix of some innovative little beauties and some old favorites dressed up in something new.

Nissan, Chevy and Mitsubishi were ever-present with their inspired, electric models. But just when I thought the lackluster sedan was about to take over, I discovered something a little better looking. Porsche had two models present at the expo. Porsche upgraded their 911 Carrera to be fitted with all electrical parts.

Their second model was unlike anything us earthlings had ever seen before. What I called the “Bat-Mobile” was actually an alien inspired, electric ETV (Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle). The “donor car” (the car donated to create this ‘supercar’ model) is a Porsche Boxter. This ETV model proudly displays the Porsche logo on its steering wheel.

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The Expo continued to surprise us with a peppery, red Ford GT. It is rare enough to come within arm’s-length of a Ford GT, let alone one with all-electric guts. The Fisker, one of the world’s first plug-in/hybrid vehicles, made its début at the Expo. If a BMW and a Jaguar had a baby, they would give birth to this electrifying little beauty.

I met Joseph Vumbaco, VP of Sales for NovaCharge. NovaCharge is “dedicated to enabling a better environment for future generations by supporting zero-emissions transportation…” Their goal is to provide affordable, electric energy nationwide.

Vumbaco was more than excited to discuss his faith in a super-charged future. He has high hopes for the outlook of the electrical movement. Mitsubishi representatives were also on sight and looking ahead with pure confidence. They discussed two more electrical models to be released this year.

The future is electric. With gas prices on the rise and a national focus on a cleaner environment, the nation is begging for help. Electric will create jobs and will eliminate our reliance on foreign oil. The Expo is only around till tomorrow so get in now so you can be the first to witness the future!

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    Its nice to see a wider variety of EV cars coming around. Is there a limit? Can it be feasible to EV a Hummer H1, H2?


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