With J-Lo’s recent nip-slip scare still fresh in my mind, I got to thinking: how can I rock a super plunge without creating disaster? We have seen some of our favorite celebs dip low with grace and ease, but things just aren’t the same when I try this look for myself. I am constantly disguising bras or finding ways to hoist the girls up without putting on a show. I did my research and found that Cosmo came up with some tips to help me plunge without disappointing my mamma.

First tip; just go for it. If you find an amazing dress or beautiful blazer that dips just below your comfort zone, dare to give it a try. I wouldn’t suggest wearing it to work or to lunch with your boyfriend’s mother, but it is right for a hot night on the town.

Second tip; stick it to ‘em. I once thought that “pasties” were meant for performers like Lil’ Kim or strippers. But that isn’t the case anymore. NuBra has a line of strapless stick-on bras that are perfect for the plunge. They even have padded stick-on’s that give that extra little boost.

Third tip; find a bra that suits your needs. They actually make bras specifically intended for the plunge. Victoria Secret has the U-plunge Push-Up that manages to do two jobs at once, lift and hide. HerRoom also sells a super U-Plunge with clear back and shoulder straps.

Last tip; go commando. If you’re ballsy enough to try the plunge, you might be brave enough to go braless. Double stick tape can help you rock this version of the plunge. However, there are some risks. If the room is cold, it will be obvious that you are braless. Or, you might be successful in recreating ’04 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. You could lose some support and the ladies may not seem to be as perky as usual. But hey, I guess it’s still an option.

So don’t hesitate to buy that low plunge ever again. Join your favorite stars and rock your red carpet style.


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  1. Ruma says:

    Thanks Ryan. That song is probably my iaovrfte. The crazy part is I KNOW it was a God-thing as I wrote it entirely in no more than 15 minutes.As something special, here is the actual first verse that we ended up cutting from the published song:My eyes are not on earthly things, there are much better songs to singOf then the accolades of manI’m done with wasting all Your time, just staring at a screen of linesThis is my, this is my, this is my declaration


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