With the Academy Awards over and the silent film mafia out to get me for my comments about my disdain for The Artist, I decided to take a look at a list created by the website Total Film that created some buzz recently for some of its selections and omissions. The list was the 50 most hated films of all time. Now we are not going to get into all 50 films because I don’t have enough space nor do I want to talk about 50 awful movies. For now we are just going to focus on the top 10. The list reads as follows:

5.   PSYCHO (1998)

First off let’s get to number one. I’m not sure if INDY 4 deserves the number one spot, but it is terrible and a stain on the franchise. From swinging monkeys to the nuclear fridge this movie is bad. I always say to people when it comes to Indiana Jones films take the odd numbers (Raiders and Last Crusade), leave the even numbers (Doom and Skulls).

You also have your usual suspects like Batman and Robin with Governor Freeze, Twilight, and one of my personal favorites to trash Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with the magic sock of dust. There were a couple on this list that raised my eyebrows. Titanic landed at number eight. The movie that was the all-time box office champ until recently and winner of 11 Academy Awards including best picture and this is the film that ends up on this list? I understand that anytime anyone gets on a boat some drunk or sober flake gets up and says “I’m King of the World!” on the bow of the ship and it annoys people.  I also get that some fan boys may not like the love story but there is so much more to this movie than Rose and Jack. This is a James Cameron epic that people went back to see over and over. My former co-worker David told me he had seen Titanic over 10 times in the theater and I took three different dates to see the film as well. Chicks dug this movie back in the day and my younger self was there to capitalize on it. My only problem with Titanic was the ending when Rose presumably passes away in her sleep. As Rose is moving to the afterlife instead of seeing her husband or family members who she spent the last 80 years of her life with she sees the people from the boat trip the lasted a couple of days with Lower Deck Jack waiting for her at the clock. That’s messed up! Shouldn’t she have seen her husband she spent her whole life with instead of a guy she got frisky with in the back of a car one night? My answer is yes!

I had a real problem with Forrest Gump that landed at number three.  Does anyone on this list who contributed have a heart? This movie was another huge hit, it won best picture, and it spawned a restaurant franchise. This movie transcended generations with its historical content, made us think about our destiny, and made us laugh. It also made many a grown man cry. I for one do not cry in movies. As much as I love movies, they are not real. But when Forrest goes back to see his dying mother I was biting my lip during that scene thinking in my head it’s just a movie and Sally Field isn’t a sweet old woman dying.

Some people also resent this film in hindsight because of the movies it beat for best picture, namely The Shawshank Redemption and one of my personal favorites Pulp Fiction. There are tons of movies over the years that people realize later how great they actually were. Broadcast News, Goodfellas, and The Big Lebowski all fall into this category along with Pulp and Shawshank, but that shouldn’t make Forrest Gump a hated movie. I think it’s a reflection on how a good of a movie and much of a crowd-pleaser across the board Forrest Gump was to beat out those two other films.

Now when it comes to my list I always say that if there is a hell, country music is blaring, Jersey Shore is the only thing on TV and my huge movie cabinet is there but all my good movies are gone and the only things left in my case are Yentl, The Human Centipede movies, Glitter, and The English Patient. To make matters worse they are all on VHS. The English Patient would be good because I would put it on and it would be so boring I could sleep through eternity, although the country music would be so loud I would be forced to watch that movie forever. Ahhhhhhh!!!!

What are some of your most hated movies that didn’t make the list?

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