Don’t Be Afraid of A Colored Pant

I once believed that the colorful pant was meant just for the guys in LMFAO. But bright pants are the perfect cure for a rainy spring day. They go great with most of the fun tops you have tucked away in your closet and they add a little punch to an ordinary outfit.

The fashionista that showed me the (right) way to work the bright pant is Kendi of Kendi Everyday. Her blog is great for everyday fashion advice and she loves her bright, bold colors.

Now, we have all seen the bright pant go horribly wrong. It’s the girl in the mall with the neon yellow pants and black top, resembling the pesky, springtime bumblebee. This was always my horrific vision, so it is no wonder I had a paralyzing fear of flashy trousers.

In most cases, a colorful pant (green… not neon green!) calls for a muted color top. This creates balance and allows the pants to be the star of the outfit.

A pant with a deep color (like magenta) requires a complimentary color to complete the outfit. Deep colors compliment each other, so a magenta pant would look great with a deep blue top. Similarly, a royal blue pant needs something fun and complimentary (like magenta) to finish the look.

Pink is super springy and meshes perfectly with other shades of pink. A dark pink pant looks great with a light pink top. A light pink pant calls for a white top.

With the help of Kendi’s awesome style and stepping out of the comfort zone, I believe we can beat our fears and master this look with confidence and ease.

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