We love Taylor Momsen for her rocker style and her much missed role as Lil’ J on Gossip Girl. But who was Momsen before the Courtney Love inspired, smeared makeup and where has she been since her days on GG?

You’ll never guess where Momsen got her start. At three years old, little Momsen was the girl shaking chicken in the kitchen in a Shake ‘N’ Bake commercial (oh, the stuff we do as kids…). You may also remember a sweeter Momsen playing the role of Cindy Lou Who alongside Jim Carrey in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

My oh my, she sure has changed. Momsen played various roles here and there over the years, but our favorite was her role on GG. Momsen was back in the spotlight and we loved it. But when Lil’ J vanished from GG, Momsen seemed to vanish from TV. So what has she been up to?

The chick is super racy and I love her crazy style. She does rocker chic with such ease, I believe she began applying heavy eyeliner in the womb. After seeing her recent appearance on E!’s Fashion Police I wanted more Momsen. I soon discovered that the girl can sing. In The Grinch, Momsen sang “Christmas, Where Can I Find You?”.  Now, she lights up the stage as the singer, songwriter and sometimes guitarist in her band The Pretty Reckless. The band even went on tour with Evanescence last fall. Momsen has said that her heart truly lies in her music because it keeps her creative.

I hope she comes back to the screen, but for now I don’t wanna “Miss Nothing” that Ms. Momsen has to offer!

Find out what Momsen was wearing on Fashion Police!

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