One of our favorite quotes is from Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, “I like my money right where I can see it; hanging in my closet.” And while we do share her sentiments, we still have to eat and be able to afford these crazy gas prices. Not all of us can shop all day long and spend a $1000 on a pair of shoes, we have to find some cheap tricks that will go a long way. We’ve come up with some tips that we think can help just about everyone.

Here’s our TOP 10 tips on how to spice things up in your wardrobe this spring and summer!

  1.  Your cheapest accessory is your hair. Don’t wear it the same way everyday. Spice it up. Put some curls in it. Pin it up with some bobby pins. It’s the one thing you wear with every outfit so have fun with it! Go here for some inspiration.
  2.  Shop at thrift stores. I know it can seem kinda icky sometimes, but just wash the items with a lot of soap. Believe me when you get a compliment on a $4 shirt, it’s all worth it!
  3.  Buy cheap accessories… skinny belts, long necklaces, statement watches, cocktail rings. All of these help to make your outfits pop. 🙂
  4.  Experiment with colored skinny belts.. some of my favorite colors are yellow, pink, blue, etc.. Wear them with dresses or start tucking in your shirts and wear them with a pair of jeans or pants. You’ll be amazed how it can transform an outfit. (Target has some cute ones.)
  5.  Wear pink lipstick. This makes just about any outfit pop and it saves you time, because you don’t have to wear as much eye makeup.
  6.  Wear practical shoes that you know that you will wear and won’t kill your feet. This is about quality of life people.. Find a pair of shoes that don’t ruin your entire night and allow you to have some summer fun.
  7.  Wear hats and headbands… Whether baseball, straw fedoras, or large brimmed hats, all of these perfect for spring and summer. Also try a glittery headband, those are so cute right now.
  8.  Wear two different prints together, the trick here is.. one should always be more subdued than the other. Hint: Stand 5 to 10 feet from your mirror, one of the prints should look almost like a solid.
  9.  Wear bright colors, color blocking is one of our new favorite trends.. (I’m sure you already have some great stuff in your closet that you can wear together.) Just make sure all the colors go together and are all the same vibrancy. (*add one of your cute new colored skinny belts.. so cute!)
  10.  Last but certainly not least… Find fashion inspirations! Everyone needs some inspiration, whether it’s a in magazine, Pinterest or your favorite red carpet star. We love fashion bloggers… and because we love to share we compiled a list of some our our favorite inspirations here.

I hope that this has helped you even a little bit to get out of your fashion rut! Just always remember to have fun! Getting dressed for the day should be an adventure into your closet, not a hassle.

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Comments (3)
  1. Vera says:

    I went to see Lady Gaga in april and let me tell you it was absolutely the most aznmiag thing in my life. loved it. I went with my friend and we wanted to get dressed up so we wore dresses and heels. (we were sitting). I was surprised at how many people actually dressed up like lady gaga with the coke cans in the hair and the crime scene tape. I wouldn’t wear heels to a concert again unless they were very comfortable and i would think twice about wearing a dress. i’d say a nice pair of jeans, comfortable shoes with a colorful top topped off with lady gaga inspired make-up. If you dress too plain trust me you will stand out, everybody goes all out and gets dressed up. You are very lucky i’d do anything to see Lady GaGa again xx


  2. Mostafa says:

    hottest fashion tendrs at the moment:Gladiator shoeschecker tartan patterns (in small doses, so a shirt or headband not a whole dress!)patent bagsprinted tees with vest over the topmilitary style jacketsthe colour purple (very dark purple)grey instead of blackits only hot if it suits you, so dont fall into the trap of wearing tendrs to be cool. Pick and choose the ones that look good on you only as far as new york goes, im not 100% sure but pretty sure its all about whatever is in fashion on the catwalk and designer labels at all times and all seasons.


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