New Orange Trend!

Orange is the new pink.

Whether they are on a beach, walking the streets or even on the red carpet our CW stars are loving the new orange trend and we completely agree. We are obsessed with this trend, it adds some color and style to your outfit and can be worn in all type of ways. Whether it’s blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, purses or shoes, orange is not going to steer you wrong or make you look like a pumpkin.. that is, if worn correctly.

Here’s some tips on how to make this trend work for you. Orange is a bold color so it needs to worn with neutral colors, [beige, black, navy, white, etc] if being wore as a piece of clothing. If you’re wearing it as an accessory you have a little more choices for other color options like Leighton (gallery below) did with her orange purse and yellow blouse. Because her skirt was yellow/orange floral it helped to make her outfit cohesive, it also helps if the colors are close in the color wheel.

My favorite look (from the gallery below) is Rachel Bilson in her orange blazer. Notice she wears all neutrals which help the blazer stand out and make her outfit pop.

Hopefully this has inspired you to add some color in your wardrobe that maybe you wouldn’t have worn before. Have fun and stay gorgeous!!

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