ANTM: A Bumpy Ride

Wednesday, 9pm

ONE OF THE WOMEN FEELS DEFEATED AND CONSIDERS LEAVING THE COMPETITION – The American women start to break down while the British rally together. One of the women feels defeated and considers leaving the competition. At the challenge, the models are asked to create their own television commercial. During the photo shoot, the women model British couture hats while posing in vintage American cars.

Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join J. Alexander and Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for elimination.

Here’s some of our favorite photos from the upcoming episode.

Also check out this promo.

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  • Piyali

    I think America shouldn’t vote for ANTM. Simply baucese a girl who looks like Krista would stand no chance. The focus appears to be on her weight and beautiful black skin. Forget that, she is incredibly talented and she kicked butt. America Idol is a waste of tv simply baucese America votes. What do most of us know about modeling or music? Nothing. I think the voting should be done by professionals. They are people who are experienced and trained in the field. Many people on American Idol are sent home baucese they weren’t the people of America’s choice. They are definitely going to vote for who they like, and many times it has nothing to do with talent. I’ve seen some competitors go home when they should have won. One example Jennifer Hudson. Tyra keep doing what you do. You and other professionals be the judge. The last thing I would want is to see a great show screwed up baucese people who have no clue what modeling and runway is. Thumbs up to you and the judges. Great job guys!!!! Krista hang tough. You will confront much more criticism such as some posted here. You are beautiful, and you bagged that competition!!!!!!


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