Rachel Bilson is super cute and a great actress (I know, those are pretty rare). We loved her as the fun-loving, quirky Summer in the O.C. and now she’s back for more.

The O.C. was a huge break-through role for Bilson. Before the show, she was an unknown actress doing commercials to get her name in show business. Her role as Summer changed everything. I was hooked to the show; me and the girls would marathon every night before the new episode with a handful of cookie dough and popcorn. The quarrels between Seth and Summer were always great, but Bilson stood out to me for another reason, the girl had killer style. Yeah yeah, these people have stylists and makeup artists galore, but I felt I better understood Bilson’s personality with every outfit change.

One season finale and few films later, Bilson came back to TV as Zoe Hart. We love Bilson’s character, but we love her wardrobe even more. I can’t wait for the moment the white lab coat comes off and we can see what lies beneath.

Bilson’s style is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. Not only does she dress to impress absolutely everywhere she goes, she is setting the trends for those who want a little pep in their step. Her shoe line, ShoeMint, released their March collection and it is awesome. The collection includes some killer heels, springy-bright colors and chunky wedges. (some pics above)

Bilson does it all. She is a great actress, she’s super pretty and she can pull off pretty much anything outfit you throw at her… whether it’s a ribbed tank with torn jeans or a suit with designer shoes. She has great personal style, and now she’s opening up and sharing her tips with the rest of us. So here’s a little taste of Bilson workin’ it, outfit after outfit.

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  1. Nikolai says:

    I have one and love it it was the nicest eddwing gift I was given a few years ago! I\’ve started giving them as gifts, they are always appreciated. Last year, I got one for my brother offline and it was on sale (?!?!). (Occasionally they also show up on Kijiji)I love love love the headboard, that is so beautiful.


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