Springtime and Short Skirts

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Photo Credit: sincerelyjules.com

Photo Credit: sincerelyjules.com

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Spring is in full swing and warm weather is all we see on the horizon. For me, these changes in weather mean one thing… shopping! Its the perfect excuse to dig for change in the couches to go shopping and spend it. So what is on the fashion agenda this spring?

As we’ve seen, bright colors are in. This season, the goal is to resemble the brighter side of a Crayola box. Ditch the black, and head straight for the color. We have shown you the importance of orange and bright, bold pants. But this is Florida and sometimes pants are really the worst idea (sweat stains are never fashion forward, sorry).

So what is the cure for your springtime blues? Break out the razors and shave those legs, this spring we’re wearing skirts! Load up on skirts in every color and every style. Fun patterns are great; the more fun you have with the skirt, the easier the rest of the outfit will be.

I follow Jules of Sincerely, Jules when I need skirt advice. One of her most recent posts features a pretty white skirt with a bold, neon pink top. The outfit is super simple, but it complements her figure (and great tan) perfectly. Another favorite is her bright orange and gold patterned skirt with a simple button up blouse.

Here are a few stunning examples of how to look great in bright colors and show off those legs!

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