Couch Potato CommentaterBy T.M. Powell

Ever since The CW announced that the network was moving ahead with a planned Green Arrow TV series called Arrow, I have been excited with the prospect of another cool superhero getting his own series. I am a loyal Marvel fan but that doesn’t mean I don’t have respect for some of the members of the DC universe. Most of them are lame like Blue Beetle and Plastic Man but there are a couple of cool characters, namely the Green Arrow. Green Arrow is similar to Batman in that he does not possess any super-powers. He is a dead-shot and his weapon of choice is a bow and arrow with a whole bunch of gadget arrows that can serve as bombs, nets and other weapons of mass destruction. That makes Oliver Queen a relatable person because he is an ordinary person like you or me.

I did have some concerns about the timing and the casting. I didn’t quite understand the timing of waiting a year to launch the show. Smallville had left a void in the schedule which would have been filled nicely by Arrow. Many Smallville fans were clamoring for the story to continue in some form. I also thought that Justin Hartley was great as the Green Arrow on Smallville, so I was sad to see him not reprise the role of Oliver Queen on the new series. Then, the first picture of the Arrow was released and my concerns slipped away. It seems by the picture, they are going in a darker direction rather than the sometimes soft and melodramatic Smallville could find itself in. The facial hair is back, which may not seem like a big deal but it was a big part of the Green Arrow’s look that was missing on Smallville. Even though it was just one promotional shot, it served to excite me over the prospect of this show being on our schedule this Fall (2012).

That brings me to my final point.  If Arrow makes the schedule, which it should, where do you put it?  If the story is fresh and the action is intense the fan boys will show up. I think the logical choice would be Friday night at 8pm in Smallville’s old slot. We have learned from the past that even if it’s on Friday night – the fans of the comics and the character will make a point to be there. If it was me running the schedule, I would try to solve one of the CW’s oldest problems with this show. That nine o’ clock slot on Wednesday nights has been a death slot for years. Nothing seems to make it at the time slot. If you put this show on at 9pm on Wednesday I think the problem would be solved. I know some people would say that it’s not a good companion for America’s next Top Model. My response to that would be is the CW looking to play show match maker or do you want ratings? Where ever you put this show the fans will show up at first and give you big ratings. It will be up to the writers, cast, and crew to help them make Arrow a future staple of our network and bring back some of the men who left when Clark Kent flew off into the sunset two years ago.

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