This week I got to see a sneak peek on the movie Lockout… here’s what I thought about it!

When I saw Memento over 12 years ago, I thought Guy Pearce was going to be a big star. He had the looks, the charisma, and the ‘it’ factor that made him stand out from the crowd. He has shown up in small roles in The Hurt Locker and won critical acclaim in the mini-series Mildred Pierce but unfortunately for Pearce, that breakout role has eluded him. He seems to be one of those actors that everyone in the business loves but he just can’t seem to gain any traction at the box office. Now he has another chance to break out with his new leading man role in Lockout.

Lockout comes from Luc Besson, the director of the cult favorite The Fifth Element. Pearce plays Snow, an ex-CIA operative who is accused of being a traitor in the year 2079. Snow gets a second chance to clear his good name when the president’s daughter, played by Maggie Grace gets held hostage on MS1. What is MS1 you might ask? MS1 is the huge space station orbiting Earth that serves as a Maximum Security Prison where the prisoners are held in a frozen state to serve out their sentence. While the President’s daughter is aboard MS1 on a humanitarian mission, the prisoners predictably break out and hold her hostage. Snow has to go into space rescue the president’s daughter. If you think the plot seems similar to Demolition Man or Escape from New York, you would be right.  Lockout is your average B movie that steals from everything in its own genre and regurgitates it to the audience as new.

This doesn’t make Lockout a bad movie but it really doesn’t make it a great movie either. The villains are never really developed, which is a disappointment. If you have the worst of the worst floating in space, you would think there would be a couple of scene stealing bad guys in the bunch. Instead, you get two bickering Scottish brothers who never get fleshed out more than the idea of – let’s kill everybody and crash this big floating prison. Usually in your run of the mill B movies, the villains are the scene-stealers but not in this film.

Thankfully, Pearce is there to chew up the scenery in the role of Snow. Not only does Snow kick some serious butt, but he is also very funny in Lockout. A couple of his lines made the audience and I laugh out loud. Pearce is the saving grace. Without him, I don’t think I would have enjoyed this movie at all. Pearce makes up for all the other shortcomings of the film. It’s too bad for Pearce because the odds are against Lockout at the box office this weekend. It has to compete with The Hunger Games juggernaut and the much buzzed about The Cabin in the Woods. Lockout only had an estimated budget of 30 million so the studio will have a chance to turn a profit if it can find an audience. If you are a fan of Guy Pearce or Sci-Fi B movies you may end up enjoying this film. Overall, I give Lockout two and half potatoes.

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