Couch Potato CommentaterBy T.M. Powell

I know how this looks. You read the title of this column and think that someone has hijacked and has taken of over the Couch Potato page. No, it’s me, and I’m actually going to show Justin Bieber some kudos for the recent twitter rampage he was on this weekend against his paternity nemesis, Mariah Yeater. Remember her? She was the woman who claimed Bieber fathered her child and created a media firestorm in the twenty four hour news cycle that always follows a story like this. Biebs denied it, she sued, then withdrew, and Biebs took a paternity test to confirm that he was not that baby’s daddy.

Bieber’s tweet went a little something like this, “Dear mariah yeeter (sic) …we have never met…so from the heart I just wanted to say”

screen shot 2012 04 23 at 3 43 34 pm Bieber RespectCue the Borat video saying “You will never get this. You will never get this. La la la la la …” end tweet.  Was this tweet childish?  Yes.  Should he have turned the other cheek?  Probably, but Bieber was falsely accused. I, for one applaud him for striking back even if was in an immature way. People aren’t perfect, especially celebrities. Many times they are accused of things that you can’t believe but it turns out Marv Albert bites. So you can’t blame the media for jumping on a paternity story involving Justin Bieber. That’s a scandal wrapped in gold for the people covering it. The problem is the coverage never gets as blown up when the accuser is proven wrong. People ignore that one human being was going to destroy another human beings life over money and use a child as a pawn in their game.

Look at the mega millions winner.  The winners were afraid to come forward because everyone was going to want a piece of them. Just on a side note, if I ever hit the lottery you will know because I’ll be the crazy person on a mega-phone screaming obscenities about winning the lottery.

So, Bieber made his own hype over the weekend with his tweets.  The “Beliebers” as they’re called, retweeted the message over 50,000 times since it was posted. I think I may like this Bieber fellow. He likes revenge, grudges, and making sure everyone knew he was right – all the things I love. The most amazing thing is this one little message was tweeted over and over again, so that got me thinking.  I need a twitter account so I can tell everyone what’s up and fire some missiles at my enemies via tweet. So you can start following me @CW44CouchPotato.  You guys can all start planning on that Mayan Apocalypse now that I have joined twitter and used the word “Beliebers” on my page.

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