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The Avengers assembled a ton of cash over the weekend to break the boy wizard’s record from last summer for biggest opening weekend ever. Earth’s mightiest heroes Hulk-smashed their way past box office expectations pulling in $200 million in just three days. It only took them three days to make $200 million! I’m one of the biggest Marvel honks out there and even I sold them short predicting the film would make $176 million. I should have my Avengers ID badge taken back.

Pricey IMAX tickets prices and great word of mouth were the keys to The Avengers success. The film is fantastic and will make geeks and non-geeks heads explode with cinema fun. Joss Whedon really grasps the idea of the team and every Avenger is given equal time to shine, especially the Hulk. It took three films but it seems the minds at Marvel have finally got the big green guy right – on screen. I think the idea of using the Hulk less makes his presence more impactful when he finally goes nuts, and boy does he go nuts. The whole theater was cheering for Dr. Banner’s alter ego as he smashed his way through an army of alien invaders. I had to apologize to the people sitting around me for geeking out after it happened.

With The Avengers making big money this early in the summer, some fans are starting to speculate if there is a certain film opening in July that could beat that record. The Dark Knight Rises will most certainly make enough money to fill the bat cave, but I’m not sure it will make $200 million. I wrote in previous columns that I was excited to see the final installment in Nolan’s Batman franchise but we have never seen a crossover super team up like The Avengers, ever. The excitement for The Avengers was through the roof. The Avengers was something kids played in their backyards, not something anyone ever thought we would see on the big screen. Marvel also gave us one of their famous secret scenes that teased the villain in the next film and I for one can’t wait. If you’re not a Marvel fan and were puzzled at the end, just Google the word Thanos.

I don’t expect anything to change at the box office in the next couple of weeks with Dark Shadows and Battleship. Those two films don’t stand a chance against these box office heroes.

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