Box Office $$ Psychic: May 11th Weekend

Couch Potato Commentater

It’s time for me, the Couch Potato Commentater to read the tea leaves and look into my crystal ball and predict the box office winner for the weekend of May 11th

The Avengers smashed through the competition and the record books bringing in $207 million in their first weekend.  This movie is at the top of the pop culture mountain right now and there is no way a pale Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are going to take out Marvel’s heroes. Reviews so far for Dark Shadows have been mediocre. Even if the reviews would have been glowing it wouldn’t have stood a chance against The Avengers.

I spoke to many people who avoided seeing The Avengers because of crowds and said they would wait a week.  Well guess what people who decided to skip opening weekend…? You are going to have to deal with the crowds again. The Avengers are sure to have a significant drop in sales but they have nowhere to go but down. This movie will make big bucks in its second weekend that most studios would die to have.

“I predict The Avengers will hit $91 million in its second weekend.”

Some people expect it to go over a $100 million but with Mothers Day this weekend I foresee it will just miss that mark. No matter what, if you pull in that big of a number in your second weekend you know you are doing something right.

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