Moms Love The Avengers Too

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If you read my box office psychic column last Friday, I predicted The Avengers to fall short of the $100 million mark for the film’s second weekend in U.S. theaters. I thought our heroes would come in right around $91 million because many people would be celebrating the day with all the good mothers in the world. Turns out moms love Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the muscle bound Avengers just as much as us nerds love them.

The Avengers took in an incredible $103 million in their second week. I think the producers behind Dark Shadows would have been ecstatic with half that amount after the film finished in a distant second place with only $28 million. Johnny Depp just couldn’t seem to sink his teeth into the audience’s wallets this weekend. Considering Dark Shadows cost $150 million dollars to make this one is a misfire on Johnny Depp’s resume. Outside of the Pirates films Johnny Depp has had some missteps here as of late. I know internationally he is huge but The Tourist, The Rum Diaries and Dark Shadows were unwatchable films and Depp may be losing some of his box office swagger here in the states.

Don’t expect Battleship to take down the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier this week either. I think it will be closer than it was this past week but many of us have made up our minds already that the idea of Battleship being a feature film is ludicrous. What’s next, Hungry, Hungry Hippos with huge mutated hippos directed by Michael Bay? Actually I may want to see that.  The Avengers has already made a billion dollars worldwide and if this keeps up I think Marvel will start printing their own money with Tony Stark’s face on it. Look out blue people of Pandora; Earth’s Mightiest heroes are officially in your rear view mirror and gaining speed.

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