As I sit in my chair and close my eyes and enter my box office psychic plane, which is really just my office with the door closed, I’ve come to the conclusion that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will fall from the top of the box office mountain. It’s been an impressive run for The Avengers.  Marvel’s box office take for its third weekend of $55 million is a total that many films would love to make in their first weekend. The Avengers has made over a billion dollars worldwide and will probably get close to $600 million here in the states but this weekend the heroes reign will end. Another group of aliens and the Men in Black that protect the universe will invade theaters this weekend.

Agent K, J, and young K are back to save the universe in the time traveling Men in Black 3. It’s been 10 years since fans were subject to the underwhelming Men in Black 2. Even with lousy reviews Men in Black 2 still made a starship full of money but no one seemed interested in revisiting the franchise, outside of Will Smith that is. Men in Black 3 was plagued with negative buzz and stories of an unfinished script. Its lead actor Tommy Lee Jones said he didn’t know what the movie was about and Will Smith’s oversized trailer caused a huge stir while filming was taking place in New York City. Even with all the negative buzz and mediocre reviews the third installment in the franchise still has one thing going for it, Will Smith.

Smith has taken some time off to get his two children’s careers going but he still has strong box office appeal even if his star doesn’t burn as bright as it did five years ago. With that being said the number that comes into my mind is $83 million.  I believe even with negative buzz and The Avengers juggernaut still holding strong Men in Black 3 will gross $83 million over the Memorial day weekend due to inflated tickets sales and everybody’s love of Will Smith. A little word of advice though, don’t kiss the Fresh Prince on the lips like that idiot reporter did on the red carpet last week because you will get slapped in the head.

Here are my predictions for the weekend of May the 25th:

  1. Men in Black 3- $83 million
  2. The Avengers- $31 Million
  3. Battleship- $11 Million

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