Catherine Chandler is a homicide detective that will do anything she can to track down the killers. This attitude of hers is likely because of the horrible scene that she had to witness years ago. When Catherine was younger, she saw her mother murdered by two gunmen. Catherine herself was almost killed but someone – or something – saved her.

Back to the present, Catherine is investigating a murder with a clue that brings her to a doctor named Vincent Keller, a man who was reportedly killed while he was serving in Afghanistan. As she continues to investigate, Catherine finds out that Vincent is still alive and that he was the one who had saved her that tragic night years ago. While Vincent was serving in Afghanistan he volunteered to be part of a special top secret mission that gave him superhuman strength. The scientists believed that the subjects of their experiments had gotten too powerful so they decided to take them all out. Vincent managed to escape and has had to remain in hiding ever since. Catherine agrees to keep his identity a secret if Vincent can help her figure out why her mother was assassinated. This strong connection between them is formed and will be sure to pull viewers in with their dangerous chemistry.

Beauty and the Beast is coming Thursdays this Fall to the CW.


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