I was a little off last weekend when I thought the boys from MIB would make $83 million over the four-day memorial weekend. Instead Men in Black 3 grossed $69 million, not bad… but not out of this world. The film cost over $200 million to make and even though it has done well overseas it’s the states where you are judged.

Battleship is considered a huge flop sinking to the bottom of the box office here in the U.S. despite faring well overseas. The problem for Agent K and J is The Avengers still continue to hulk up the money taking in another $47 million over the weekend. The Avengers can’t be slowed down on their way to a $600 million domestic take at the box office. This weekend The Avengers will lose some ground to one of their own. Chris Hemsworth will knock the Ray Bans off the Men in Black this weekend when Snow White and the Huntsman arrives in theaters.

Snow White and the Huntsman is much darker take on the Snow White story than the campy Mirror, Mirror was earlier this year. The beautiful and Mensa card caring member Charlize Theron plays the evil Queen Ravenna who wants to literally eat the heart of Snow White played by Kristen Stewart, so she can stay young and beautiful. Queen Ravenna hires a drunken Huntsman played by Hemsworth to hunt the Princess Snow White down. Now when both of the Snow White movies were announced, neither peaked my interest. Then after the first trailer for the huntsman version I began to wonder if maybe a Snow White story could be told without singing animals and dwarfs and actually be entertaining. Chris Hemsworth has become a break-out star that the ladies love. He’s riding high off of his Avengers success and don’t underestimate Kristen Stewart’s box office power no matter what the opinions are about her acting skills.

This is a tough time to predict how a film will do in theaters. There are graduations, kids getting out of school and nice weather to keep us all out the cold dark theaters while we soak up the sun before we all start to melt in July. So I asked the magic mirror that I bought on eBay what he thought the final number would be for Snow White at the box office. After some awkward small talk the mirror told me that Snow White and the Huntsman will reign at the box office this weekend taking in $52 million dollars.

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 Here are my predictions for the weekend of June 1st:

1. Snow White and the Huntsman – $52 million

2. Men in Black 3 – $38 million

3.  The Avengers – $31 million


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