Couch Potato CommentaterBy T.M. Powell

Three years ago when director Sir Ridley Scott decided to return to the Sci-Fi genre that he helped shape with his 1979 classic film Alien, movie geeks like myself were overjoyed.  Then Sir Ridley dropped a hype bomb on geek nation.  The director hinted along with producers and writer Damon Lindelof that his new film Prometheus would be set in the same universe as the original Alien. Fans chests were literally bursting with Alien prequel excitement.  For the next few years there were denials, assumptions and then finally confirmation from Sir Ridley.  Prometheus was an original story but fans of the original will recognize the film DNA from 1979’s Alien.

Prometheus has been the film with most mystery and intrigue surrounding its release and I’m not talking about the story on film.  Would this smart forward thinking movie be able to perform well in a film landscape of transforming robots, diamond shiny vampires, and The Avengers? My prediction may surprise you.  Even though Prometheus is one of the films I’m excited to experience this summer my intuition tells me Prometheus will not set at the top of the box office universe this weekend.  It was given an R rating which takes away part of a films audience but I will give you two words that will keep Prometheus out of the top spot.  Afro Circus!

The party animals from Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted will crash the box office this weekend.  Everyone is sleeping on the Madagascar franchise which opened big with its first two films and having those scene stealing penguins on television the last 2 years is sure to help the movies chances.  I predict Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted will collect the lion’s share of the box office with $61 million in ticket sales. 

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  1.  Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted – $61 Million
  2.   Prometheus – $47 Million
  3.  Snow White and the Huntsman – $26 Million

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