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Katy’s fans are super excited for her new Part of Me 3D film release on July 5th. The film will give the world a sneak peek into the intimate details of her success, as well as her failures along the way. Katy has become such a sensation that we just can’t get enough!

Katy Perry is not the only one to try something new. There are tons of performers who try to break into other branches of entertainment.

The list goes on and on for actors who give singing a go, such as: Dan Aykroyd, Kevin Bacon, Wayne Brady, Russell Crow, Kevin Costner, Robert Downey Jr., Hilary Duff, Clint Eastwood, Jamie Fox, Nicole Kidman, Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis, John Travolta

Recently we have begun to notice a new trend. Singers who are acting. But not just acting, acting in films that are about themselves. Is this a new trend that could make a serious splash? Or just an ego trip for the performers?

Singers turned biographical movie stars:

Katy Perry Part of Me, 2012

Justin Bieber Never Say Never, 2011

50 cent Get Rich or Die Tryin’, 2005

Eminem8 Mile, 2002

Mariah Carey Glitter, 2001

The Spice Girls- Spice World, 1997

It all started with films based on singers, but with different actors:

Johnny CashWalk the Line, 2005

Ray Charles Ray, 2004

Selena Quintanilla Perez Selena, 1997

Tina Turner What’s Love Got to Do With It, 1993

Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn Coal Miner’s Daughter, 1980

Richie Valens La Bamba, 1987

Buddy Holly The Buddy Holly Story, 1978

We are not sure what to think of all this, but we are excited to see where it takes us. Either way, we think Katy Perry will be stellar in her new hit film Part of Me.


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