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Leggings have been a trend for a while now, but lately we’ve been seeing some incredible fashion forward leggings. If you thought the leggings trend was over.. you’re way off. It’s just getting started. There are several companies eager to bump up the competition and some cost a pretty penny. See some of our favorite new styles in all price ranges below.

Pattern Leggings

Pattern leggings are definitely in! Can you get any cuter than this?!?! These “Kitty Garden Party” leggings by Pretty Snake are currently being sold on Kickstarter for $75.

kitty garden party New Leggings Trend

Fringe Leggings

Kapow Wow! has their fashion counter-attack on the market too: Rainbow Fringe leggings are sure to put you in the Woodstock spirit. They are being sold on farfetch.com for $150.

rainbow fringe New Leggings Trend

Zip-Up Leggings

Zippers are another element which has been let loose on the leggings scene. Sometimes in the back, sometimes in the front or side, and sometimes they only zip half way. Although the zipper might not have much function, it definitely adds some flare to otherwise plain leggings. You can find some here.

zip leg New Leggings Trend

Lace-Up Leggings

These lace-up leggings are sure to add some spice to your life and your wardrobe. Buy a pair them here.

lace up leggings New Leggings Trend

Tattered Leggings

Of course we should have guessed it was coming. Since ripped jeans made such a huge splash, other clothing items were bound to follow along. The good news is you don’t have to throw away your favorite pair of leggings after that club incident. Find a similar pair here.

shredded leggings tattered tights New Leggings Trend

Chained Leggings

“Gold Cages” by Black Milk tried to bring dungeon wear to the mainstream market. I guess it wasn’t working because this product is no longer on the market.

black milk gold cages leggings large1 New Leggings Trend

Lumber Leggings

Dutch label EnD is looking to get in touch with nature with these wood patterned leggings. We searched and searched for a link to buy the ones below, but these were the most similar we could find.

wood patterned tights end s s 10 leggings New Leggings Trend

Latex  Leggings

This style has celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Eve, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Christina Milian all going crazy! These super tight shiny leggings are sure to give you that star appeal and we are told they are just as comfortable as jeans! Just watch out for the paparazzi… This style of leggings are probably the cheapest and easiest to find, like this we found pair for under $10.

latex New Leggings Trend

Denim Leggings

They are made to look exactly like jeans but they feel like leggings. Hello?! Who could ask for more?? Oh and the celebs love them too. Shop these from bloomingdales.com.

denim leggings asos New Leggings Trend

Sci-Fi Studded Leggings

Of course, we all love studs and rhinestones. Find a similar pair here.

sci fi New Leggings Trend

Neon Leggings

Neon is in and that includes leggings! Find some here.

neon New Leggings Trend

Gold Leggings

We totally agree that these leggings could count as bling! Find a similar pair here.

gold New Leggings Trend

Embellished Leggings

When it comes to embellished leggings, the more detail the better. This is one style that has gone from zero to HOTT HOTT HOTT! Find some here.

louis vuitton embellished leggings New Leggings Trend


Designer leggings can reach ridiculous prices. Alice + Olivia sells their products for nearly $700 at stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

$700 might be my clothes budget for a few seasons, but Yves Saint Laurent offers stretch leather leggings for nearly $2,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Not to worry, you can still find plenty of cute leggings at a bargain price. If you are looking for something closer to $20 you might want to start at Gap and other averaged priced stores in the mall. Happy Shopping!!!


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