The only thing that is tougher than writing a review where I expressed my dissatisfaction for The Amazing Spiderman may be picking the final numbers for the box office this weekend. Let’s all face the fact that most of us could care less about any other movies opening that doesn’t have the word dark and knight in its title. You can look at the schedule and see how other films tried to move away from The Dark Knight Rises to avoid the box office juggernaut. Even though we are all waiting for the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy there are two films, one holdover and one new release who will try to collect as much cash as they can before Batman knocks them off of the top of the box office.

The first film that will compete for the top spot is last week’s big money-maker The Amazing Spiderman. The film has already collected over a $150 million dollars and will pass the $200 million mark before the end of the weekend. That doesn’t mean it will rule the box office again. IMAX and 3D will surely help the film’s final number but I think The Amazing Spiderman will fall short of the top spot due to the arrival of another family driven franchise that refuses to go extinct.

Ice Age: Continental Drift will float its way into the box office game this weekend. This is the fourth film in the franchise with each film making more than the last. I have never been a fan of this lackluster series but I can’t deny Ice Age’s mammoth box office power. The film will have the added help of 3D prices plus it’s either hot as Hell or raining everywhere in the United States right now. So what do parents do when the kids are bouncing off the walls in the house? You take them to the movies and that’s why I believe Ice Age: Continental Drift will win the box office over The Amazing Spiderman. I expect with 3D prices and the fact this is the only new family film opening that Ice Age: Continental Drift will do very well this weekend. Although the prehistoric animals reign will not last long at the box office with The Dark Knight Rising looming over the entire movie landscape.

Here are my predictions for the week of July 13th:

1.      Ice Age: Continental Drift – $57 Million

2.     The Amazing Spiderman – $46 Million

3.     Ted – $18 Million

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