Here at the CW we are used to getting the shaft.  Every year when the Emmy nominations are announced the CW’s name is never called. For six years we have heard the usual suspects from the other networks get their name called but never a Rosenbaum for Smallville or a Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries. I’m not saying that all the CW programming deserves to be recognized (I’m calling you out Ringer). I just think that some of the performances on the CW deserve to at least be in the conversation. So for the rest of this column I’m going to pretend I live in a world where the CW doesn’t exist. I’m going to give some credit to the actors and producers from the other shows on other networks that got snubbed just like we always do every year during the Emmy announcements.

First off let’s get to the actor who seems to get snubbed every year for creating a character who has gained a cult following, Nick Offerman. He was once again denied his ticket to televisions biggest night for his role as Parks Department director Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Ron Swanson is easily one of the funniest characters on television and gained a cult following among critics and fans of the show. His dry and blunt wisdom often completely steals the show and most fans would say that he makes that show. Nick Offerman defines what a supporting actor should be on a comedy but is continuously denied by the Emmy voters. What makes things worse is Parks and Recreation was left out of the best comedy category with two unfunny shows, Girls and Veep both grabbing nods for best comedy.

The next big snub for me was The Walking Dead. How can a show with huge ratings and critical praise get snubbed again? The Walking Dead has become a part of pop culture with people even beginning to think the zombie apocalypse was upon us in the form of bath salts. Joe Bernthal’s role as deputy gone bad, Shane, who will do anything to survive was one of the most compelling performances on television last season. The Emmy voters need to realize that this is a human drama that just happens to take place in the zombie apocalypse. Sorry Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead deserves your spot.

Lastly I’m going to go off the reservation and get totally biased with my next snub. Can someone tell me why the Emmy voters refuse to acknowledge my close friend Danny McBride for his iconic role as Kenny Powers on Eastbound and Down?  I know I’m totally biased but I don’t care. This is my column and I can write what I want. McBride and the gang at Eastbound consistently push the boundaries of comedy and succeed with flying eagles with missiles attached to their wings as Mr. Powers would put it. I guess I can’t be taken seriously with this argument because of my relationship with McBride but I want to pose this question. If you take away the laugh track from both The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men can you honestly tell me that John Cryer or Jim Parsons is funnier than McBride’s portrayal of Kenny Powers? I don’t think so. I know the boys of Eastbound don’t do their show for awards but it would be nice to see them get some recognition for a comedy that is like no other on television.

If you agree, disagree, or have Emmy snubs of your own feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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