It’s been a few days since the horrible events that took place in Aurora, Colorado that took the lives of 12 people and injured 58 others who just wanted to be the first people to see The Dark Knight Rises before anyone else. Over the past few days we were bombarded with media coverage of the shootings that began to speculate whether it was safe to go to the movies. I do work within the media but I am not blind to the fact that news outlets treat stories such as these as a way to bolster ratings.  It’s the strike while the iron is hot mentality and whether you like it or not they have a job to do just like everyone else. My major problem with the coverage was the assumption that people shouldn’t go to the movies because it wasn’t safe.  I’m here to plead with you not as the goofy Couch Potato Commentater but as T.M. Powell not to buy into that idea.

Terrible things happen everyday.  Just hop on the internet and put the worst thing you can think of in any search engine and odds are it’s happened in the last month.  The world can be a beautiful place but it can be ugly too.  Don’t let some newscast scare you with their story of how to survive a movie theater shooting.  That’s fear mongering and odds are you are never going to be in that situation.  I’m sure you can find stories of shootings taking place in your favorite fast food chains, department stores, or sporting events that have not received this type of media coverage.  Will that make you decide not to go to any of the other places out of fear? Better yet if you believe that something bad will happen you shouldn’t even drive a car because we hear about fatal accidents every week in the traffic reports.

Don’t be afraid to live your life people.  This was the act of a monster whose name I will never speak of.  I don’t care where he went to school, what he majored in, or what he was like as a kid.  This event was not caused by politics, comics, movies, or even guns(which I own none).  It was the act of one sick person who destroyed so many lives.  Don’t let one person ruin the things you love.  Drive to you favorite restaurant and order a greasy burger.  Go shopping with your girlfriends.  Better yet go see a movie that just opened up at your local theater if that’s what you love.  Your time here on Earth is precious so my advice is make the most of it and try not to live in fear.

So instead of  spending a bunch of money installing metal detectors and demanding mandatory pat downs in movie theaters lets send that money somewhere else.  Find a reputable charity that is helping the families effected by this horrible tragedy and spend your money on them.


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