Who will win our CW Summer Games? …ok so they’re not really games but I wanted to put our shows and actors together and see who YOU would pick as the (gold, silver and bronze) winners. Who will get shut out and who will win the gold? We are Team CW Tampa 2012 and we’re ready to begin!

*btw we’re not allowed (for legal reasons) to use any words or phrases associated with the ..you know what.. so please forgive our funny ways of getting around it.

Let the …… begin!

First we’ll start with the Gymnastics part of our competition.

These next two are competing for the balance beam team.. get it? I know… corny, but you gotta give a girl credit for trying.


The next is our floor bedroom exercise.. I know you guys get that one. 😉


We have some stiff competition for the uneven bars competition.


We end our Gymnastics portion of the competition with the vault or as we like to call it the cliffhanger.


Now on to the long jump!


These next two have nothing to do with our Summer Games, we just want to know what you think!


Thanks for taking time to take part in our CW Summer Games! Hopefully the real ……. athletes have as much fun competing as we have had writing this post! Go U.S.A*!

*hopefully I can say that!

Tara Wikoff/CW44-WTOG Tampa Bay

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