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What's Trending in Fashion!

Here’s ‘What’s Trending’ in my fashion world this week!

Let me know below what you think of my picks.


heart-shaped sunglasses.

Now I know some people may not be brave enough to wear these, but I adore them. I think that they add that perfect bit of fun and youth to any outfit. I especially love the wire-framed ones as opposed to the thick plastic frames, but that’s just my opinion. (Find some for yourself here.)

The two pictures below are from the blog Sincerely, Jules.


pattern jeans.

No need to throw away all those colored skinny jeans you just bought, but pattern jeans are definitely the new thing. We’ve seen them everywhere lately. Kendi decided to let the pants be the focus pairing them with plain tops.

The two pictures below are from the blog Kendi Everyday.

The one below counts as two trends… leopard and pattern jeans.:)

Christine decided to have some fun with her pattern jeans by wearing them with a floral blouse. Just be careful pattern mixing on your own because not everything works. See how Christine did it below and take notes.

The picture below is from the blog My Style Pill.

Would you wear any of these? Would you dare mix your pattern jeans with a patterned top?


leather. (skirts. shorts.)

I’ve started seeing the new leather trend recently on some of my favorite bloggers. I think leather is very sleek, just make sure you buy it somewhat loose-fitting, so you don’t look like you belong on the back of a Harley somewhere.

Picture below is from the blog Sincerely, Jules.

I’ve shown this look before when I was talking about mixing feminine and edgy pieces together. I still love this look and need to find a pair of leather shorts like these.

The picture below is from the blog Brooklyn Blonde.


pointed-toe flats.

I found some cute ones on Shoe Mint for a reasonable price. Pointed-toe flats are stylish but have a more relaxed and causal feel than heels and they are a hell of a lot more comfortable.

The picture below is from the blog Brooklyn Blonde.

pointed flats bb Upcoming Fall Fashion Trends

Photo Credit: www. brooklynblonde.com

I love Kendi’s look here especially the ankle strap on her flat. This look is the epitome of effortless and chic.

The picture below is from the blog Kendi Everyday.


leopard print.

I’m sure you’ve seen leopard print everywhere, especially if you happen to watch the Jersey Shore, but leopard print doesn’t always have to be gaudy. Leopard can actually look very chic when done the right way.

The two pictures below are from the blog Kendi Everyday.

I love the idea of a leopard bag and I like that it’s not covering the whole bag, just the front of it.

The two pictures below are from the blog Brooklyn Blonde.

If you’re still not sure about leopard but want to try it, go buy a skinny leopard belt, you can try it but not feel like Snooki. You can pair a leopard belt with just about anything. Last time I looked they sell some at Target and Forever 21.

Who wouldn’t want a pair of leopard shorts? I love this look. I like that she kept the rest of her outfit pretty simple and went with the blue belt just for some contrast.

The picture below is from the blog My Style Pill.


statement stilettos.

Lately we’ve seen less statement necklaces and more statement stilettos. They are a great pairing to a somewhat toned-down outfit, or you can be bold and really stand out by adding them to an already colorful and eccentric outfit.

The picture below is actually our Promotions Coordinator, Wendy. She has great taste and I almost died when I saw these shoes… love!

dsc 7540 Upcoming Fall Fashion Trends

Photo Credit: CW44-WTOG

I love these pointed-toe blue patterned shoes. Every time I look at them I just envision all the things in my closet I could wear with them.

The picture below is from the blog Brooklyn Blonde.

I love these shoes, despite the fact that they look very uncomfortable I don’t even care. I love the yellow and black straps with the snake-skin.. A-maz-ing!

The two pictures below are from the blog My Style Pill.

Statement shoes don’t have to be colorful to make a statement. Need I say more.. see below.

I have yet to buy myself I pair of statement stilettos, I’m much more of a wedges and flats kind of girl, but I think this post just sealed the deal!


chambray shirts.

I love chambray shirts, I think that they look effortless and can practically be worn with anything. I don’t actually own one of these yet, but I foresee one in my future! Also, notice the leopard shoes, two trends in one! Obviously I know what I’m talking about.😉

Picture below is from the blog Kendi Everyday.

Happy Shopping!

Tara Wikoff/CW44-WTOG Tampa Bay

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