Last week I predicted The Possession would win the box office but it would be the lowest box office total for a single weekend all year. Obviously I’m an idiot sometimes when it comes to predicting the box office. The Possession scared up $17 million over the weekend and if you add the four million dollars on Labor Day, the film became the second highest Labor Day gross of all time. I thought more people would be enjoying the sun and fun before the cool weather arrives instead of sitting in cold dark theaters over the holiday weekend.  Well, it’s time to wipe the egg off my face and make yet another bold prediction. I know I have stated it before, but this weekend we will see the lowest total for a box office winner all year. I’m going to keep riding this prediction train until it falls off the track; or when Finding Nemo 3D starts next week.

The reason I’m making this prediction again is horror films generally drop 60 percent in their second week of release. Odds are the fans who wanted to see The Possession, saw the film this past weekend. So even with the surprise total I’m expecting word of mouth to not help the film. People who avoid horror movies are not going to be swayed by a $21 million total for one holiday weekend. They are going to see something else. Unfortunately for them, there is nothing arriving in theaters that will make any kind of impact at the box office.

The first film opening this weekend is The Words starring Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons. The Words is about writer Rory Jansen who finally achieves literary and commercial success after publishing the next great American novel. Only problem is Rory stole it and of course his world comes crashing down around him. Bradley Cooper needs to prove to the public he can lead and carry a film outside of the Hangover films. This will be two flops (Hit and Run) back to back for Cooper when The Words opens to an embarrassing five million dollars.

The second film to stumble at the box office this weekend is The Cold Light of Day. The Cold Light of Day stars the soon to be Man of Steel Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis. The story centers on a Wall Street trader whose family is kidnapped and is being held for ransom for a mysterious briefcase. The Cold Light of Day actually carries some star power with Bruce Willis but the film will only be opening in about 1,500 theaters. That will hurt its total. Plus I have seen zero commercials on TV for the film. I expect a dreadful return of four million dollars for The Cold Light of Day. It’s not going to be Oogieloves bad, but it’s terrible for a film with a proven star such as Bruce Willis.

My Predictions:

1. The Possession – $9 Million

2. Lawless – $6.5 Million

3. The Words – $5 Million

4. The Expendables 2 – $4.5 Million

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Just like the Bambino, I called my shot when it came to the weekend box office. I predicted it would be the worst box office of the year and it was. The Possession held on to the top spot with $9.5 million followed by Lawless with $6 million. Not only was I right on with the money but I picked the top four in order. This slump won’t last for long when the 3D rerelease of the Pixar classic Finding Nemo arrives in theaters this week.

1. The Possession – $9.5  Million

2. Lawless – $6 Million

3. The Words – $5 Million

4. The Expendables 2 – $4.7 Million


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