By T.M. Powell

I precisely picked Resident Evil: Retribution‘s performance at the box office last weekend. I stated the film would have the lowest debut since the original Resident Evil and was spot on the money with my prediction. Unfortunately I had the little lost clown fish winning the box office last weekend. This weekend four new contenders enter the box office ring which will surely knock Alice and Resident Evil: Retribution way down the box office charts.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena star in End of Watch as two of L.A.’s finest. Officer Taylor (Gyllenhaal) and Officer Zavala (Pena) are best friends and rising stars on the force. During a routine traffic stop the duo are marked for death after confiscating cash and weapons from a notorious drug cartel. Both Gyllenhaal and Pena are getting rave reviews for their performance and chemistry on-screen. End of Watch is the movie I’m the most excited to see this weekend but the film will not win the box office. I expect with the film’s R- rating and hand-held camera work  will turn some viewers off of the film. Look for End of Watch to make $10 million dollars this weekend.

The next film is a remake that will have many people thinking, Why? We just had a Total Recall remake fall flat on its face and that was a remake of a great film. Why remake a terrible film such as Judge Dredd? The answer is money. Lionsgate believes they can rewrite the mistakes of the past and give fans of the comics a Dredd they can get behind. Even 3D, bloody violence, and Karl Urban as Dredd, who never removes the famous helmet, will not save this remake at the box office. Stallone and Schneider salted the earth for this franchise. Dredd will have a hard time breaking $10 million this weekend which is more bad news for remakes considering the film cost almost $50 million dollars to make.

The next film will test the phrase “any press is good press.” Trouble with the Curve stars Clint Eastwood who is hot off the press from the RNC and his empty chair talking speech. By now everyone has seen the unprepared, rambling stand up of Mr. Eastwood and his chair in front of the delegation. If all possible I try to distinguish between the actors work and the person they are off-screen. Unless your name is Chris Brown. I may not believe in Clint’s views per say but that doesn’t mean I won’t go see his new movie. But I’m sure there are a great deal of people on the left that will ignore the film because of his appearance at the RNC. Any other year if you told me a movie starring Clint Eastwood as an aging baseball scout and Amy Adams playing his daughter was out that weekend, I would pick it to be at the top. In this political year when emotions are high I think it’s a tough call. I’m thinking Trouble with the Curve makes about $15 million at the box office this weekend. But who knows? Some supporters from the right that were fans of the chair gag may come out to support Clint adding to that total. You never know..?

I’ve saved my pick for this week’s box office winner for last. House at the End of the Street starring Jennifer Lawrence tells the story of a mother and daughter living next door to a house of mystery and horror. In all honestly the plot didn’t matter when it came to picking this film number one this weekend. Here are things I took into consideration picking this box office winner. First, Jennifer Lawrence is still riding high off her success in The Hunger Games and her star is getting brighter. Fans of The Hunger Games will show up for Lawrence just like they did for Kristen Stewart outside the Twilight franchise. Secondly, the film is PG-13 which is a perfect rating for the films target audience. This is a perfect date movie for teenagers looking to get out of the house with their special someone. Lastly the time of year helps this film. Halloween decor is already popping up and theme parks are gearing up for the scare season. Horror fans will be looking for a good scare this time of year to hold them over until Paranormal Activity 4 gets here in October. I’m going way high on House at the End of the Street picking the film number one this weekend with $18 million dollars.

1. House at the End of the Street  – $18 million

2. Trouble with the Curve – $15 million

3. End Of  Watch – $10 Million

4. Dredd – $8 Million

5. Resident Evil: Retribution – $7 Million


Take this paragraph with a grain of slat because all the studio and box office prognosticators still don’t seem to know who won the box office this past weekend. It appears there was a tie with both End Of Watch and House at the End of the Street both earning $13 million dollars this past weekend. Fueled by positive reviews End of Watch sneaked past the two other contenders including Trouble with the Curve which earned a disappointing $12.7 million. I guess that whole talking to the invisible president in the chair bit hurt Clint’s box office appeal. Some sites are stating End of Watch won with the slightest of margins but it may take a few days to sort trough all the tickets sales. One thing I know is Dredd lived up to his name at the box office only earning $6 million.

1. End of Watch – $13 million
1. The House at the End of the Street – $13 million
3. Trouble with the Curve – $12.7 million
4. Finding Nemo – $9.4 million
5. Resident Evil: Retribution – $6.7 million
5. Dredd 3D – $6.3 million

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