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Oh Hart of Dixie how I missed your funny, quirky moments and silly one-liners. This premiere was packed so let’s just get right in to it.

We found out what Zoe and Wade’s morning after was like, and that George has no problem professing his love for Zoe the morning after he stopped his wedding to Lemon and ended their 15 year relationship. I think it’s funny that the entire town thought that Zoe was the one who caused the end of their relationship, calling her a home-wrecker at every turn. Little did they know that she was not involved with the split and was instead sleeping with Wade.

Finally Zoe and Wade did it! Those two have had bedroom eyes for each other since the very first episode when Zoe got drunk and they both made-out in Wade’s car! Wade finally got what he wanted out of Zoe, but now that leaves us with the question, has he just been lusting after Zoe this whole time and he hasn’t really liked her.. or is that just the game he’s playing? I’m not sure but there is no denying Wade and Zoe have sexual chemistry.

We know one thing for sure and that is, George really does like Zoe and left Lemon because of it. Although, Zoe made the right decision telling him to go off and date other people and learn how to live without Lemon or any girlfriend at all. I’m sure it will be easier said than done.

Lastly we have Lemon, and I think I may start to like her character this year. Last season she was whiny, spoiled and kind of a brat. Obviously this woman had way too much time on her hands, and we found out why… she has never had a job!! …besides being a Belle. Seriously!? The best part was she blamed her father, telling him she didn’t know she was supposed to get a job, this part made me laugh. It’s just such an old-fashioned way of thinking. But I think that Lemon’s story-line will be much more interesting this season as she grows and becomes more independent. After all she may have just gotten a job as a waitress at the Rammer Jammer.

What did you guys think about the season premiere?


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