So, as you all know the Season 4 premiere of the Vampire Diaries is on Oct. 11. If you’re like us, then you’re super excited about it. But unlike us, you probably haven’t been re-watching all of the seasons in preparation for premiere day. (Or maybe you have).  So we’re doing a lite recap of the previous seasons so you can be prepared on Oct. 11

Season 1

In the very beginning of the show, we are introduced to charming, sweet Elena Gilbert. She and her brother, Jeremy, are trying to get back into the rhythm of life of their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virgina, following the death of their parents.  Elena’s comforted by her BFFs Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes, and her aunt-turned-guardian Jenna, while Jeremy is comforted by his drugs and secret girlfriend, Vicki Donovan. Vicki, also fond of the drugs, is the sister of Matt Donovan, Elena’s ex-boyfriend who still wants her back. Matt’s BFF is Tyler Lockwood. Got that? Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, Tyler, Jeremy and Vicki have all grown up together in this small town.

On the first day of school, there’s this new, mysterious guy that shows up. Turns out to be Stefan Salvatore and he’s quite attractive.  Bonnie, who has been getting a lot of psychic vibes recently, has a bad feeling about him, but Elena invites him to a bonfire party that night anyway.  At this party, Vicki is bitten (in the neck) by an “animal.” Jeremy finds her and gets her some help.  But, it wasn’t an animal, it was a vampire! Gasp! And, of all people, Stefan is a vampire! He doesn’t feed on humans, though. Whew. But, wait! Who knocks at Stefan’s door later that night? His brother Damon, who is also a vampire and is also holding a grudge and also has no problem feeding on humans. Double gasp!

All that happens in the very first episode. Sheesh. But we should mention that Elena looks exactly like Katherine – the 1864 paramour of brothers Stefan and Damon. That’s right – both of them. Not only did they both love her, but she was also responsible for turning the both of them into vampires.  In 1864, the founding families of Mystic Falls (the Lockwoods, Salvatores, Fells, Gilberts, Forbes’, etc.) rounded up the vampires of the town (including Katherine), locked them in a church, and burned it down. As it turns out, Katherine didn’t really die in that church, but was rather imprisoned in a tomb beneath it by her witch maid Emily Bennett.  Damon has returned to Mystic Falls to set his love free. In order to do this, he needs the crystal that bound the spell and some magic energy from a comet that recently passed by.

Shenanigans ensue and the crystal falls in the hands of Damon, then Caroline, then Bonnie. Bonnie eventually ends up summoning her ancestor, Emily, who then possess her and makes sure to destroy the crystal, royally pissing off Damon in the process. You see, it isn’t only Katherine who is imprisoned in the tomb, all of the vampires of the town are there. Yikes. You don’t want to let out vampires with a 145 year old grudge.  And Emily wants to make sure they stay there. Damon only cares about getting Katherine out, but without the crystal, there’s nothing he can do. Or is there?

Before we get to that, let’s go back to the founding families. Remember, they were the ones responsible for hunting and killing trying to kill the vampires.  So, as the years have passed, the secret of the threat of vampires has remained with the founding families. When Damon arrives back in town and starts killing people, the founding families take notice and revive the Founders Council. They know all about vampires and it’s their mission to keep the town safe. Who’s on this council, you ask? At this point in time, that would be Mayor Lockwood and his wife(Tyler’s parents), Sheriff Forbes (Caroline’s mother),  and Logan Fell (town reporter). Eventually, Damon gains their trust and is allowed a position on the Council.  Their main goal is to secure a Gilbert Family heirloom that will help them in their plight against the vamps– a pocket watch.

Bear with me. We’re only halfway done.

Now, in a plot gone wrong to kill the town’s vampires, Logan Fell is murdered, by a combination of Damon, who attacks him, and Vicki, who feeds on him in order to complete her transformation into a vampire. How did Vicki get turned into a vampire? Short answer – Damon got bored. To make a long story about Vicki short, she can’t handle vampire life and Damon and Stefan have to kill her. Poor Jeremy, right? Well Elena convinces Damon to use his power of compulsion over Jeremy to make him forget his pain.

Weeks later, Logan returns to town in full out vampire mode, and he’s got a grudge against Damon. Only it wasn’t Damon who turned him; they don’t know who it was. Logan reveals that he knows of another way to resurrect Katherine, so Damon spares him.  However, Logan’s eternal life doesn’t last too much longer when he’s confronted by new, mysterious history teacher Alaric Saltzman. Alaric and Jenna have a thing, and so he wants to protect her from Logan. When the two (Alaric and Logan) meet, Logan makes a move and is then staked by Alaric Vampire Hunter. The teacher’s got a past.

Meanwhile, Jeremy, who’s mostly out of his drug phase by now, meets this lovely girl named Anna. She seems to know an awful lot about the town’s history, and is especially interested in Jonathan Gilbert’s journals. Turns out, Jeremy can’t catch a break – Anna’s a vampire too. More on that later.

So we know that there’s another way to get into the tomb. Due to Jonathan Gilbert’s journals, we know that the answer lies in Emily Bennett’s grimoire (spell book), which is buried with Papa Salvatore’s corpse. Ew. They dig him up, of course, and grab the spell book. While all of this happens, Anna and accomplice have kidnapped Bonnie and Elena. As it turns out, Anna is the daughter of Pearl, one of the vampires trapped in the tomb, which is her motivation to open to the tomb. Fair enough. Stefan comes to the rescue and Bonnie and Elena are saved. Jeremy, meanwhile, is still clueless about Anna’s true intentions.

With the spell from the Grimiore, Bonnie and her grandmother open the tomb, Damon enters to look for Katherine and Anna searches for her mother. Anna comes back out with Pearl, but there’s no sign of Katherine much to Damon’s dismay.  Surprise! She was never in there. A guard had let her go, and she’s been out there living life every since. Although Damon doesn’t elicit much sympathy, you kinda have to feel for the guy on this one.

Now, the tomb is supposedly sealed back, but low and behold, a tomb vampire gets ahold of some of the blood meant for Katherine, gains his strength, and just walks right out.  Uh oh! To make the long story about the tomb vampires short, they are super pissed about their entombment and want revenge on the founding families for killing trying to kill them and taking their land. Half of them, led by a vampire named Frederick want to kill them right now, while Pearl, the supposed leader, wants to be more subtle. Frederick and his followers kidnap and torture Stefan. Damon, Alaric and Elena come to the rescue, killing most of the vamps.  Frederick seriously injures Stefan and Elena has to feed him some of her blood so that he can become stronger and kill Frederick. Well, he does kill Frederick, but then there’s a whole set of other problems to deal with. You see, Stefan doesn’t do too well on the human blood. Stuff’s like a drug to him – he doesn’t know how to stop. They eventually wean him off the stuff, but his inability to control himself will be an important plot point later.

Now, remember that Elena looks exactly like Katherine. This is blowing people’s minds. It means that Katherine had a child before she became a vampire, continuing her bloodline – the Petrova bloodline to be specific, which is another important plot point later on. In a surprising turn of events, it is discovered that Elena was adopted. Her biological mother was a woman named Isobel. Isobel happens to be Alaric’s paranormal researcher wife, whom he thought was missing, but she was actually turned into a vampire by none other than Damon. Oy, is this confusing or what?  So to sum it up, Elena is a descendant of the Petrova bloodline, which explains why she and Katherine look alike. To make matters even more confusing, Elena’s biological father is her uncle (the one that no one really likes), John Gilbert. He, by the way, knows all about vampires and hates their guts.

Got all that? Good.

Remember that pocket watch I mentioned? Well, it’s actually a secret weapon invented by Jonathan Gilbert (but really spelled by witches) to be wielded against vampires. John of course wants to get his hands on it.  Damon, Stefan, Alaric and Elena already know that it’s a weapon of sorts, so in order to protect the Salvatore brothers, Elena gets Bonnie to deactivate it. So now it’s no big deal if John gets it. Right. Only Bonnie didn’t deactivate it. She’s not very fond of the vampires, Damon in particular, and doesn’t really have a problem with letting them be destroyed.  So John gets the device and activates it, causing all the vampires to react to a pain rooted in their head. The deputies then sedate them, lock them in the basement of an old building, and then set them on fire.  Among those rounded up are the rest of the tomb vampires, Anna (who is staked by John, himself), Mayor Lockwood (who isn’t a vampire, what could he be?), and Damon. Tyler also has a reaction to the device, causing him to wreck the car he was driving, along with Matt and Caroline, who suffers some severe injuries.  The vervain sedative has Damon weak and he’s almost about to be burnt to a crisp, so Stefan has to go save him. The flames are much too strong for him to make it out in time, so Bonnie, after some coaxing from Elena, helps save them. Her terms, however, are that Damon cannot kill another innocent person or she’ll take them down. And she can do it too.

After all the commotion has died down, Damon and Elena are on Elena’s porch. Damon tells her that he may want to be a better person, and then…..they kiss. What?? We did mention that Elena’s totally in love with Stefan right? Well, she is. Jenna opens the door and tells Elena to get inside. Later, John is there and tries to make peace with Elena. Only, that isn’t Elena. It’s Katherine. Gasp!

There you have it folks. And that’s only the first season! Is this how you guys remember it. Did we miss anything? What are some of your favorite parts? Tell us in the comment section below. And be on the lookout for the Season 2 and Season 3 recaps.


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