No one in Arrow has super powers. That has been the claims made by producers, cast and crew since the show went into production. So when reports surfaced of Emily Bett Rickards being cast in the show as Felicity Smoak, many comic aficionados raised their eyebrows. The common reader wouldn’t have recognized that name but the people who read way too many comics know her as the stepmother of Ronnie Raymond.

Who is Ronnie Raymond? Ronnie is one half of the super-powered nuclear hero Firestorm. I say one half because Firestorm is made up of two people. Ronnie and his friend Martin Stein were in an accident that gave them the ability to fuse together to form the hero Firestorm. Firestorm has the ability to fly, create fusion blasts and rearrange matter. That doesn’t sound like a regular guy to me. That sounds super or what the DC universe refers to as meta-humans.


firestorm Heroes and Arrow


We’ll see if the rumored addition of Felicity Smoak to the story will lead to the meta-human side of the DC universe expanding on Arrow. Hopefully the producers were trying to throw the audience a curve-ball and we will see characters with unique abilities. Just in case Arrow sticks with a real world approach, I have come up with a wish list of regular human heroes who could visit Starling City in the future on Arrow.


The Question

the question1 Heroes and Arrow



The Question is known as the man without a face. The Question, real name Vic Sage, is another fringe character of the DC universe. The Question dresses like he just walked off the set of Mad Men and wears a mask that appears to be flesh with no facial features. The mask allows him to hide his identity. The Question also has a belt with gas dispensers that give him the ability to change his appearance. Think the Chameleon in Spiderman. Besides the special gadgets, The Question is a master at hand to hand combat but has no super human abilities. The Question would fit right into the real world approach of Arrow with his throwback duds and cool faceless mask. I’m hoping The Question decides to take a break from Hub City to give Oliver Queen a hand in fighting crime.



nightwing Heroes and Arrow



This next one is a total pipe dream but, how cool would it be for Dick Grayson to show up in Starling City as Nightwing? I know the average fan likes to make fun of the Robin character in the DC universe but I always loved Dick Grayson’s turn as Nightwing. Sick of being Batman’s constant sidekick and not always agreeing with the caped crusader’s methods, Dick Grayson decided to go it alone. He adopted the name Nightwing and began to fight crime on his own. Who wouldn’t want a character in Arrow who was trained by the dark knight? Also you could tease fan boys with lines such as “I used to work for a guy like you back in Gotham.” I know there is no way Bruce Wayne would ever show up on Arrow but just the fact that he may be in that universe would drive fans insane.



vigilante Heroes and Arrow



Who is Vigilante you may ask? Why he’s Greg Saunders the cowboy hero of the DC universe. Oh DC. This is why we Marvel guys shake our heads at you with characters like this. Vigilante dresses like a cowboy, has pistols that glow red and never runs out of ammo. Some versions of the character even hint that he may be a country singer as well. Just when I thought this character was dumb enough, they take it to the next level making him a country singer.

Obviously I’m kidding around about the idea of Vigilante becoming a character on Arrow, but characters like this could make it hard not to include the meta-human factor on Arrow. The creators should not be afraid to use the gifted characters that live in the DC universe. I know everyone these days loves the Batman Begins model that takes a real world approach to super hero story telling. I do love Nolan’s Batman saga but I do remember a certain movie named The Avengers that made over $600 million dollars in the states earlier this year. The Avengers had human heroes and super powered heroes. Fans didn’t have a problem mixing both in that film.


The cool part of Arrow will be the fact our main hero Oliver Queen is just a normal human being doing extraordinary things. It won’t matter if Queen is defeating regular criminals or meta-human villains. The idea of him being flesh and blood will make the battles all more rewarding. Hit me up on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or Facebook and tell me what human hero you think should show up on Arrow. Be sure to check out my Arrow villain wish list to see who could be battling Oliver queen in future episodes.

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