Halloween is just around the corner and time is winding down to decide on a costume. You can always go with the classic costumes (witches, ghosts, pirates,etc), but 2012 had some pretty crazy characters to add to that list. Here are some of our top choices for pop culture costumes:

Tanning Mom: You guys remember this story right? Patricia Krentcil was arrested for child endangerment after allegedly taking her six-year-old daughter to a tanning salon. People freaked out about that, but then they freaked out even more when they actually saw the mom. But she’s not addicted to tanning, guys. Nope.

patricia krentcil tanning mom 2 e1350488019747 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Credit: CBSTampa.com

Olympians: The 2012 London Olympics were the biggest events of the summer. Why not remind people of just how awesome America (or any other country) is? And, don’t forget, we have some Olympic gold medalists appearing on several of our shows pretty soon.

149844752 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Psy – Gangnam Style: This song and dance is sweeping nation. This way, you’ll have an excuse for doing the dance all day. What else do we need to say besides, “Heyyyyy, sexy lady!”

psy Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Ancient Mayans: We still have a couple more months left to see who’ll get the last laugh.

cancun e1350488254933 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Credit: JW Marriott Cancun Resort

iPhone 5/ Galaxy SIII: The iPhone 5 has been the talk of the town lately. For Halloween, you can be different, but pretty much the same. And if you’re a couple, why not dress up as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and fight it out to see which one’s really better.

galaxy s3 vs iphone 5 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Credit: Newstribe.com

The Hunger Games: There’s a lot of different characters to choose from. May the costume odds be ever in your favor.

hunger games poster e1350488757960 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Credit: Lionsgate/sheknows.com

Fifty Shades of Grey: It’s got the same kind of appeal as Twilight and The Hunger Games, but for a slightly more mature audience. Your imagination can go pretty far here.

fifty shades of grey trilogy e1350488498548 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Credit: blog.eljamesauthor.com

Felix Baumgartner: He’s part daredevil, part astronaut. The guy jumped from space and landed on his feet! If that doesn’t deserve a Halloween costume tribute, I don’t know what does.

felix Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Credit: Handout/Getty Images

What do you guys think? Any other brilliant ideas?


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