After such a great pilot episode, its hard for the following episode of a new series to match the intensity. A letdown is almost inevitable. Part of that statement is true concerning last nights episode of Arrow “Honor Thy Father”. Right off the bat you got to see Oliver Queen disposing of criminal thugs with his brand of vigilante justice. The action was great, but it slowed down to focus on the character development for the sake of the story.

I’m okay with a little exposition in the show. I believe it’s necessary for the greater good of the series to provide the characters with some depth. So I can understand why some believe last nights episode was slow in the middle. Truth is, the pace was slow last night. The tombstones, court room and eating ice cream scenes weren’t action packed but its providing insights into the characters personalities and what drives them to do the things they do. So yes the action was put on hold during the middle, but it’s essential if you want character development.

The action did pick back up in the second half of the show with the appearance of DC villain China White. The only problem I had with China White was there wasn’t enough of her. I think the creators have a few ideas up their sleeves for the villains that will appear on the series. I don’t want to see a character such as China White or Deadshot for a one shot episode just to be disposed of by the emerald archer. I want to see some long-term conflict over a few seasons. Basically what I’m saying is I’m glad we haven’t seen the last of Miss White.

I would have probably given the episode a C+, that is until the last five minutes. I have stated all along that some of the most interesting story telling in the series will be concerning Oliver’s time spent on the island. Last night proved my point. As Oliver is giving his father a rock burial, an arrow burst through his chest leaving him wounded. As Oliver is lying on the ground he saw a figure that resembled Oliver’s own Starling City hero costume. Who was the mysterious island native? Why did he shoot first rather than answer questions later? This flashback saved the episode and left me wanting more.

Next week should be great episode with the arrival of DC favorite Deadshot and hopefully we will find out who shot that arrow through the spoiled rich boy’s chest five years ago on the island. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato where I’ll be live tweeting during the show all season long under the hash tag #Arrow. Also become a fan of CW44’s Couch Potato on Facebook for all the latest Arrow news and inside information.


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