Taken 2 has owned the box office crown for the past two weeks just as I predicted. Mr. Neeson’s reign as box office king will end this weekend with two new films arriving in theaters. Expect holdovers like Argo and the before mentioned Taken 2 to still bring in some dollars this weekend, but the two new films will fight for the top spot.

The first film to take aim at Mr. Neeson is Alex Cross starring Tyler Perry. This time Perry sheds the drag and takes on the role once held by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. This will be a true test for Perry who is taking on a film outside his Madea comfort zone. Will fans of Perry’s comedy show up for something so serious? I think it’s a smart move for Perry to move beyond the wig, but this film has not been marketed well at all. All I know from the previews is Matthew Fox looks like he’s taken a trip to crazy town as the Antagonist to Perry’s Cross. When the weekend is over Alex Cross will be in second place, but will miss breaking the $20 million dollar mark.

The movie that will win the box office this weekend is Paranormal Activity 4. The horror franchise has taken the Saw films spot as the big money-maker during the Halloween season. It doesn’t matter who the stars are (there are none) or what the plot is (takes place five years after Katie goes nuts). All that matters is people want to get scared out of their seats this time of year. The last installment in the franchise Paranormal Activity 3 had a huge opening weekend ($52 Million). I expect the same from the latest installment. Expect Paranormal Activity 4 to scare up $58 million dollars this weekend.

How much money do you think Paranormal Activity 4 will make this weekend? Let me know on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or on Facebook.

1. Paranormal Activity 4 – $58 million

2. Alex Cross – $19 million

3. Argo – $13 Million

4. Taken 2 – $10 Million


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