By T.M. Powell

Since it’s Halloween, I think it’s the perfect time to write about the movies that make our skin crawl. So it’s time to bust out the Couch Potato created column “The 4”, and list my top four scary movies. Now before we get started, I want to state a few things. This list is my opinion, not a general consensus of the public. A few movies will not make this list and let me explain why.

The Exorcist is not on this list. I think The Exorcist is a well made movie, but I’m not what you would call a “Believer” (no offense if you are). So certain aspects of The Exorcist just don’t scare me. The Shining doesn’t make the list either because I think it’s dumb and a poorly made movie. Little kids talking with their fingers, Jack over acting and a butler and a person in a bear suit doing who knows what doesn’t scare me. Films such as Alien and The Thing(1982) are freaky, but should reside in the Sci-Fi category. Just Like Seven and The Silence of the Lambs should be relegated to the Drama category. Enough about all the films that didn’t make the list. Let’s get to the movies that make me keep the lights on and will probably enrage a debate over my selections. Here’s the list starting with number 4.


texas chainsaw massacre74 The 4: Scary Movies

Bryanston Pictures

4.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974). My co-workers can attest to this after we built a new set in the studio. I’m not very good with power tools. I can’t handle them and I usually hurt myself while operating them. I’m a pay some one to do it, rather than do it myself. So a movie where a six foot plus behemoth using a chainsaw as his weapon of choice earns a place on this list. Add in the fact that the villain wears a mask of human flesh and will eat me when he’s done terrifies me. Tobe Hooper’s indie hit is a horror classic for its creepy tone, brutality, and freakiness. Films like the comedy Summer School and the Academy Award winning The Silence of the Lambs have all paid homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I still flinch every time I hear someone start a chainsaw.


pet sematary The 4: Scary Movies

Paramount Pictures

3. Pet Sematary. Now I know this film isn’t going to win any awards for film making, but it still freaks me the hell out. Creepy cats, toddler gets hit by a truck, toddler comes back from grave, a ghostly dead jogger and the creepy sister flashbacks. This was a movie that my parents told me not to watch, but I did anyways. I should have heeded their advice. The big scene that still makes me yell profanities to this day is when resurrected Gage decides to play with neighbor Jud’s Achilles tendon. You would think now that I’m older that it wouldn’t scare me, but it does. The last thing I want is one of my kids to get hit by a truck, come back from the dead and eat my jugular. Stephen King is a freak and I absolutely love it.


night of the living dead poster2 The 4: Scary Movies

The Walter Reade Organization

2. Night of the Living Dead(1968). This movie created a whole genre of films. This was the first zombie movie to make a cultural impact on our society. The dead have risen and their coming to get Barbara and the rest of the group barricaded in the farm-house. This movie made you wonder, what would I do if this happened? The fear you get from this movie goes past the viewing of the film. You start to look at the windows in your house. You go get extra canned foods and ammo. You ponder whether to make a run for it or wait it out in the basement. Zombies are huge in pop culture these days and they owe it all to this classic film that still holds up to this day. Just for the record, I’m hiding out drinking in the attic.


poltergeist thumb The 4: Scary Movies


1. Poltergeist. This is the second Tobe Hooper film to make the list, but this film has Steven Spielberg’s finger prints all over it. Rumor has it Tobe Hooper had a nervous breakdown making the film so Spielberg(producer/writer) stepped in to lend a hand. To this day I still consider this a Spielberg film just like Point Break is a James Cameron film. Poltergeist has everything you need in a scary movie. Unexplained events, children in peril, a hungry tree, ghosts, bodies in the pool and of course that toy clown. Whenever I see a fuzzy television I wonder if I’m hearing little Carol Anne screaming for my help. Whats crazy is this film was PG. A guy literally rips his face off and it doesn’t get an R rating. Sometimes I walk around my neighborhood in fear wondering if some corporation built this on a cemetery and lazily only moved the headstones. Don’t go into the light!

So this is my list of the four scariest movies of all time. Some may wonder why Jaws is not on this list. The answer is easy. Jaws is my favorite movie and belongs on the desert island list. It’s not fair to these other movies to include the Spielberg classic in my opinion. Hit me up on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or on Facebook and let me know your scary movie picks.


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