Arrow: ‘Lone Gunman’ Recap (Ep. 3)

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As expected, Arrow bounced back from it’s slow second episode with the arrival of a familiar DC Comic villain. Deadshot appeared in Starling City and actually did Oliver a solid taking out one of his targets. Queen had no problem scratching that name off the list, but wasn’t happy about the course of action taken.

Outside the action with his marksman adversary there were a few big reveals on the show tonight. First off the romance between Mr. Merlyn and Miss Lance was exposed by a drunk Speedy (Thea). Oliver basically had a “no big deal bro” reaction to the revelation. Like the guy said, ” You thought I drowned five years ago.” I still think this love triangle will be the reason Tommy Merlyn breaks bad one day.

The other major reveal was my favorite character Diggle finding out the truth about the fortunate son. After Oliver sent an arrow right through Deadshot’s red-eye, he found Diggle hit by a poisonous bullet. Oliver had no choice but to rush him back to his secret liar/future night club for treatment. When Diggle awoke Oliver was standing there with his hood down.

I love the dynamic between Diggle and Oliver and I think the Arrow needs some help. He could be like Alfred in Batman but instead of a butler, he’s an ex green beret. I thought some of the best scenes in the show have been between Amell and Ramsey, so I love this plot twist. By the way, doesn’t anyone really think Deadshot is DOA? He’ll be back.

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