Last night’s episode of Arrow entitled “Innocent Man” was series of highs and lows. There were some big reveals such as the warehouse concealing the wreckage from Queen’s Gambit and the appearance of the Well Dressed Man. The action in the prison was great showing Oliver’s sociopathic streak against an unruly inmate who puts his hands on Laurel. This show does not play around when it comes to scenes that make you yell “Ouch”. For example, Oliver interrogated a suspect by putting an arrow through his hand to gain information. Those were all the highs, unfortunately there was an equal amount of lows.

I love my man Diggle, but the whole will he join or won’t he join Oliver’s crusade slowed down the episode. We all knew by the end of the episode our man Diggle would decide to join forces with Oliver. Just like we knew he would kill the chicken in the dull island flashbacks this week. The actual plot was just mediocre with an innocent man about to be executed that Laurel and the hooded vigilante believe was framed for his wife’s murder. The side action was more interesting than the actual main plot. This is what we like to call in the business a “filler” episode. By the way Peter Declan was exonerated of his crimes in good old television fashion.

Luckily for Arrow, it always hits the target at the end of the episode. Officer Dad, as I like to call him sees security footage of Oliver running into the prison. Detective Lance wasted no time busting the man he blames for his daughter’s death. I wonder where the creators are taking the story. It appears an awful lot of people know Oliver’s secret already and we are only four episodes in. I honestly don’t know what direction they are going to take the story which is a good thing. It will keep us on our toes.

Don’t expect any filler or dull island flashbacks next week when the cult DC villain Deathstroke appears on the series. Let me know what you thought of this week’s episode of Arrow on Potato or on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato.


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