Last weekend the critically acclaimed Argo finally topped the box office. Argo has benefitted from strong word of mouth and held off the box office bomb Cloud Atlas. This week the critical darling will fall to Denzel’s Flight and an 8-bit villain who wants to be loved.

Robert Zemeckis tried his hand at motion capture filmmaking and the endeavor failed miserably. The Polar Express was his only hit in the format and when Avatar burst onto screens it put his company out of business. Now Zemeckis is back to live action in the R-rated Flight, starring Denzel Washington. Washington plays Whip Whitaker, a pilot who prevents a plane from crashing. In the investigation after the incident, Whip’s dark secrets start to be exposed.

Washington has what I like to call “Box Office Muscles”. Even if a movie is bad, Washington still packs them in and for the most part, Washington’s films are entertaining. Even with the dark subject matter, I expect the film to perform well this weekend. Plus we all want to know why that plane is flying upside down in the commercials. Expect Flight to earn $19 million at the box office.

Flight will have to settle for second place because the box office is about to get wrecked. Wreck-It Ralph tells the story of an 8-bit video game villain from the 1980s who is bored with his everyday life. He’s played the villain and done it well but longs to be the hero. Ralph(Voiced by John C. Reilly) leaves his game and decides to visit other games in the arcade to become a hero.

This movie is going to make bank this weekend at the box office. Most of the time parents dread sitting through terrible family films, but not this one. Children of the 80s are going to gladly take their children to this animated flick. Parents will want to get a glimpse of all the video game characters they loved from their childhood. Wreck-It Ralph will destroy the competition making $50 million at the box office this weekend.

1. Wreck-It Ralph  – $50 Million

2. Flight – $19 Million

3. Argo – $9 Million


UPDATE 11/4/12

It comes as no surprise to the me that Wreck-It Ralph had the high score at the box office this weekend. The film collected $49 million at the box office. That number could have been bigger considering much of the Tri-State area is still in the dark. The video game mash-up was well reviewed and the children of the 80’s showed up with their kids just as I predicted.

My one slip up was underestimating how big Denzel’s “box office muscles” actually are. Flight flew in above expectations making $25 million. I guess people really wanted to know why that plane was flying upside down. The film and Washington have garnered rave reviews and expect the word of mouth to help the film continue its success over the next few weeks.

1. Wreck-It Ralph – $49 Million

2. Flight – $25 Million

3. Argo – $10 Million

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