By T.M. Powell

This had been the episode all the comic nerds circled on their calendars. We had seen Deadshot and China White, but most fans of Arrow have been waiting for the arrival of Deathstroke since the fleeting image of the famed mask in the pilot. The DC villain made his presence known torturing Oliver under the order of the military island residents. I was impressed with the Deathstroke’s look and the action he was involved in with Oliver’s island mentor. I’m sure some fans will cry that they wanted more of the mercenary, but you know the creators of Arrow have a plan in place for Deathstroke over the course of the season.

Believe it or not there was other action in the show besides the appearance of Deathstroke. Back in the present day Oliver was saved in court by his jilted lawyer ex-girlfriend. The future Black Canary and the Arrow even found time to rekindle the heat after a scar sharing session. Even though Laurel told Oliver the kiss would never happening again, we all know where the relationship is heading.

Once again my favorite parts of the show, even with the appearance of Deathstroke, was the scenes with my man Diggle. I love the chemistry between Oliver and Diggle and the more they team up. The better the story can grow. Diggle even got a chance to slip on the green hoodie this week to help Oliver with his “I’m not the vigilante” charade. In the end, Diggle playing dress up helped Oliver convince Detective Dad that he was not the Arrow.

Tune in next week when the Royal Flush Gang plays their hand against the Arrow in Starling City. Follow me on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or become a fan on


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