I guess when it comes to animated movies about retro video games from the 1980s, I know how to pick them. Wreck-It Ralph made $49 million last weekend, which was very close to my $50 million dollar prediction. I thought Wreck-It Ralph (See Review)was the best family film  since Toy Story 3. Ralph’s high score won’t last long with return of Daniel Craig’s 007 in Skyfall.

Now if you’ve read my review of Skyfall, you know I thought the new installment in the franchise was a bit underwhelming. There was great action, but the film seemed to drag in the first act. I also thought Sam Mendes waited to long to introduce the villain Silva, played by the scene stealing Javier Bardem.

My opinion doesn’t matter though when it comes to picking the box office. Bond has been sitting on the shelf for four years because of MGM’s financial woes. Fans want to erase their memory of Quantum of Solace and I expect them to show up this weekend for their favorite British spy. My question is, has Mr. Bond’s time passed as a box office powerhouse? The Bourne franchise has cornered the market on spy thrillers in American cinemas during 007’s absence. Skyfall will benefit from IMAX prices, but in the end I think the film will fall under the $80 million mark. Expect Skyfall to make $72 Million at the box office this weekend.

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1. SkyFall – $72 million

2. Wreck-It Ralph  – $31 Million

3. Flight – $14 Million



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