The Vampires RuleBy T.M. Powell

I have gone on record stating the Twilight franchise is one of the worst movie series in history. Terrible acting, effects and story telling making the films torturous to watch. My feelings aside you can’t deny the power Twilight has in pop culture. The Twilight films have grossed over a billion dollars so far and will add to that total this weekend.

I’m going to be honest here. Unless the title of your movie is Breaking Dawn Part 2, you don’t have chance at the box office this weekend. Ralph, Lincoln and 007 are going to take a backseat to the box office monster known as Twilight. This film will suck the competition dry but the question is, how much money will Breaking Dawn Part 2 make?

Breaking Dawn Part 2 will bring the Twihards out in full force to witness the ending of their beloved story of Vampire Edward and Bella. The Thursday night numbers will likely be an amount certain films would love to take in over an entire weekend. The film lacks the 3D pricing which often propels movies of above expectations. 3D or no 3D, expect the conclusion of the Twilight series to bring in $156 million at the box office this weekend.

1. Breaking Dawn Part 2 – $156 Million

2. SkyFall – $43 Million

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