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It’s holiday time, time for eating, time for giving and time to squeeze yourself into a holiday dress that will make your friends envious.

I just so happened to attend a very early holiday party this past weekend, knowing fully well that I had no dress in my closet that I wanted to wear. I gave myself my 50 minute lunch break to find the perfect dress. Yes that is all the time I had, my weekend was jam-packed and I had no other time to shop, I was becoming frantic. I ended up looking in a few different stores with no luck and finally I broke down and went into Forever 21. It’s not that I don’t like “Forever,” as I like to call it, but I’m always afraid that I have more of a chance of seeing someone else at the party with the same dress. I ended up getting the hi-lo lace dress that’s pictured below. It all worked out and no one at the party had my dress. Although I ditched the crappy black slip that came with the dress and opted for a shape-wear tube dress from Target, it made a huge difference. (Sorry for the quality of the pic, it was taken with my iPhone.)

Tara Lace Dress

Forever 21 $27.80

The trends this season are leather and lace. I saw lots of it at the holiday party that I attended and I’ve seen both of them in all the stores. Below are some dress ideas for you this holiday season so you don’t have to freak out last-minute like I did and so you can make your friends envious… isn’t that what it’s all about? ;)

Sequined A-line

Forever 21 $39.80

gray with leather sleeves

Zara $79.90

Leather bottom dress

Zara $99.90

Red Dress with jeweled collar

Zara $99.90

Lace Be Friends

ModCloth $65.99

Hi-Lo Sheer Dress

H&M $14.95

White with back sleeves

H&M $34.95

Black and Emerald

Mod Cloth $57.99

Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

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