Shopping for the opposite sex is sometimes troubling. As women we know that a man’s main goal with holiday shopping is to get it done as fast as possible and be done with it all. Well fellas, we understand your pain… but that doesn’t mean we still don’t want great presents.

This year we’ve put together some ideas for you to make your gift buying process a little easier and we even put it into categories. See this is going to be a piece of cake. (Click the pictures for links to buy the item or for more information.)

Gift ideas for the “trendy” woman in your life-

screen shot 2012 12 04 at 1 48 26 pm Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

Fringe Necklace, Bauble Bar $34

This fringe necklace will shock your girlfriend, she will be shocked that you actually picked it out… and don’t worry you can take all the credit.

Sephora $49.50

OPI Gift Set, Sephora $49.50

I’m sure you’ve noticed your girlfriends love of beautiful nail colors, if not then don’t buy her this gift! But seriously she will love this super easy gift.

Bauble Bar $24

Arrow Ring, Bauble Bar $24 (available in other colors)

We didn’t just put this because of our new show “Arrow” <—- (shameless plug). What we really liked about this gift was that it’s very unique yet simple. It will get her compliments; therefore you will get lots of credit for this great gift.

Gift ideas for the “classic” woman in your life-


Classic Tote, Madewell $168.00

Yes this is a wee-bit expensive, but if your one of those guys who doesn’t want to look around at a bunch of different stores, then this is the gift for you. It’s simple, yet well-made and will fit perfectly into any women’s lifestyle.

Bauble Bar $28
Tassel Necklace, Bauble Bar $28

Nothing much to say about this besides the fact that necklaces are great gifts, because they will fit any body style and look good.

Sephora $50.00

Fragrance Sampler, Sephora $50.00

Women love to smell good, but we are creatures of habit, this fragrance sampler will allow her to try new smells that she may not have known about.

Gift ideas for the “rocker” woman in your life-

Zara $25.90

Skull Scarf, Zara $25.90

Let’s face it, we live in Florida, there are very few needs for a “real” scarf, but for fashion, there is always a need for a scarf. The one above is this perfect one for the women in your life who has a little egde.

Skull necklace

Skull Necklace, Max and Chloe $78.00

Not all women will love this skull necklace and I’m sure you’ll know pretty quickly if yours will.

Leopard and Faux Leather hat

Leopard and Leather Hat, Karmaloop $50.00

A leather and leopard hat is a must for any real rocker chick and she’ll rock out in this hat from Karmaloop.

The Leopard Bracelet with Gold Spikes

Spiked Cuff, Karmaloop $24.00

She doesn’t have to be a rocker to love this spiked leopard cuff, but she does need to like a little edge.

The iPurse iPhone 4 Case in Black

IPurse iPhone 4 Case,  Karmaloop $12.00

Turn her iPhone into a purse with this cool gift.

Miscellaneous gift ideas-

In you haven’t seen anything yet that you think she’ll like, here’s some ideas that you can’t go wrong with.

PT bags $24

Coral Wallet, PT bags $24 (available in other colors)

Madewell $15.00

Recycled Paper Ornament, Madewell $15.00

The "Believe" Ring in Gold

“Believe” Ring, Karmaloop $25.00 (available in silver also)


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